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LA Aluminum Casting Co.

April 14, 2005
Adds More Machining Capacity

LA Aluminum Casting Co. reports details of its recent expansion of machining capacity with the addition of a new CNC machine.

L A Aluminum Casting is a manufacturer of permanent-mold aluminum castings in Hayden Lake, ID, where it’s been located since 1972. The company founder, Robert Oswald Sr. and his wife, Helen moved the opertion to Idaho from its Southern California location, where it was established in 1947. It can produce over 2,000 lb/hour of aluminum, and offers extensive machining capabilities of its permanent-mold aluminum cast products.

The new machine, the Fadal VMC-4020, gives L A Aluminum a total of seven CNC machines in the plant. Already in operation, it is making it possible for L A Aluminum to machine castings at a quicker rate. “Due to a huge increase in customer orders, it seemed as if our machines were constantly occupied. With this addition, we will be able to move a higher volume of work through the plant at a steady rate,” states Chris Nicol, plant manager.

The company’s operating strategy is to offer customers nationwide a single-source manufacturer of the products they require. This means that a customer can be supplied with tooling, casting, and machining at L A Aluminum’s facility, versus shipping the product to several different companies for completion. “Because of the order volume increases, we were beginning to outsource for more machining capability. Now we can ensure the products are finished in our plant, and we will no longer have to wait on other vendors,” said Nicol.

In the future, L A Aluminum plans to add more equipment and modify its existing operations. “Along with an increased demand for castings, companies are also being urged to keep their business in the United States. To meet these needs better, we are working toward more production capacity in all aspects of our business,” said Nicol.