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Professionals, Academics Celebrate at FEF's CIC

Dec. 10, 2004
The FEF's College Industry Conference celebrates foundries, their operators, and their technology. It combines an annual meeting, an awards presentation, and a recruiting fair into a two-day program attended by executives, professors, and students ...

The FEF's College Industry Conference celebrates foundries, their operators, and their technology. It combines an annual meeting, an awards presentation, and a recruiting fair into a two-day program attended by executives, professors, and students — all with a common dedication to metalcasting research and development.

The 2004 CIC drew 222 industry professionals, faculty and staff from the FEF's 25 affiliated universities. Also in Chicago for the event were 101 student delegates, several of whom were awarded with scholarships for their achievemments. Ashland Specialty Chemicals vice president and general manager Mike Swartzlander chaired the 2004 CIC.

The FEF Annual Banquet was held at Chicago's Drake Hotel, November 11, and the foundation presented its most important annual awards at that event. The 2004 Foundry of the Year is Howmet Castings, in Whitehall, MI. The Supplier of the Year award was presented to American Colloid Co., Arlington Heights, IL. The 2004 FEF Society/Association of the Year is the AFS Detroit-Windsor Chapter.

FEF's highest honor, the annual E.J. Walsh Award, was presented to Professor Lifetime Patron, Dwight Barnhard of Superior Aluminum Castings, Independence, MO, and now an FEF Board member as Region 14 Chairman. At the banquet, students and industry attendees enjoyed internationally acclaimed speaker, Dan Clark (sponsored by Ashland Specialty Chemical).

A general meeting on November 12 featured a keynote address by Intermet Corp. v.p.-technical services Tom Prucha. A Q&A session followed, with a panel that included: Glenn Byczynski, senior materials scientist-Canadian Operations at Nemak, Windsor, ON, and an FEF scholar from the University of Windsor; Steve Renz, senior project engineer at Howmet Castings, Whitehall, MI, and an FEF scholar from Pittsburg State; and Daniel Twarog, president of the North American Die Casting Assn., and an FEF scholar from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

During the Edward C. Hoenicke Memorial Luncheon after the session, the AFS/FEF Board Award of $6,000 was present to Western Michigan University FEF Key Professor, Sam Ramrattan.

On the afternoon of November 12, the students attending the FEF Industry Information Session met with representatives of 36 companies to gather ideas and establish conacts for future opportunities.

Next year's FEF CIC will take place November 10-12, 2005, at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. For more information, contact the foundation at Tel. 847/705-8400, email [email protected]; or visit

Students' Awards, Scholarships

FEF presented its student awards and scholarships on November 13, totaling-$64,000. The winners of the awards are:

George Booth - AFS Detroit-Windsor
Delaurier, Univ. of Windsor

AFS-Saginaw Valley Scholarship
Ryan Schwark, Western Michigan

AFS Southwestern Ohio Scholarship
Brian Dickinson,
Kent State

Clifford Chier-Badger Mining Corp.
Alan Johansen,
Univ. of Wisconsin-Platteville

Ron & Glenn Birtwistle Mem. Scholarship
Gregory Schaefer and Scott Schudalla, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Donald Brunner Schol.-ThyssenKrupp Waupaca
Scott Sharpee, Univ. of Wisconsin-Platteville

Paul Carey Scholarship-Ashland Specialty
Leon Amelinck,
Penn State

John Deere Scholarship
Richard Borger, Mohawk College

Tony & Elda Dorfmueller Scholarship
Edward Druschitz,
Central Washington

Univ. Wm. E. Conway Schol.-Fairmount Minerals
Nate Miller,
Case Western Reserve

Richard Frazier Scholarship
Matthew Hilgendorf,
Kettering University

William M. Grimes Schol.-Gartland Foundry
Kristie Luna, Tennessee Tech

George Isaac Scholarship
Jonathan Woolley,
University of Alabama

Burleigh Jacobs Scholarship-Grede
Kara Hobart, Penn State

James P. & Katherine Keating Scholarship
David Keffer,
Penn State

Charles Marshall Mem. Scholarship
Christopher St. John,
Cal State-

Chico Modern Casting Partners Scholarship
Patrick Henry,
University of Alabama

Chester V. Nass Memorial Scholarship
Joe Checchia,
Mohawk College

Robert W. Reesman Mem. Scholarship
Rachel Abrahams,
Cal Poly-Pomona

Robert V. Wolf Mem. Scholarship
Stephen Johnson,
Tri-State University

John Svoboda Mem. Scholarship
Steve Smith, Kent State

Keith D. Millis Scholarship
Herdman, Mohawk College
Kara Hobart, Penn State
Kristie Luna,
Tennessee Tech
Scott Sharpee,

Ron Ruddle Memorial Scholarship
Wollenburg, Penn State

David Laine Scholarships
Brantley, Purdue-West Lafayette
Heller, Wisconsin-Platteville
Hilgendorf, Kettering University
Morgan, Missouri-Rolla