Molding: Integrated Loop Mold-Handling System

Feb. 19, 2006
Cost-effective approach to mold handling

Because metalcasters are under pressure to produce castings faster, and with tighter tolerances, with reduced labor content, and with higher flexibility and lower operating cost, they must incorporate equipment that is simple, versatile, low-maintenance, rugged, and automated. And, all this must be done at prices that are affordable. Mold handling is a leading example of these operating pressures: the latest generation of matchplate molding machines approach 200 molds/hour.

With the patented mold-handling Truflo loop, this higher-quality production requirement is easily handled with the integrated mold loading, mold transfer, bottom-board return, if needed, and automated weight/jacket set/positioning. It also offers a large number of molds for pouring with extended cooling times. All these capabilities allow the molding machine to run at top speeds.

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