GIFA Set For 11th Staging, Plans North American Pavilion

June 25, 2007
The 11th International Foundry Trade Fair with WFO Technical Forum in Desseldorf, Germany introduces a group exhibit of U.S. and Canadian companies to its estimated 50,000 international visitors.

Desseldorf, Germany is again the site for GIFA, the International Foundry Trade Fair, together with the World Foundry Organization (WFO) Technical Forum. The 2007 staging take place June 12-18, 2007.

In addition to GIFA, three related trade fairs will be running concurrently at the fairgrounds in Desseldorf: METEC, the International Metallurgical Technology Trade Fair with Congresses InSteelCon and EMC 2007; THERMPROCESS, the International Trade Fair and Symposium for Thermo Process Technology; and NEWCAST, the International Casting Trade Fair with NEWCAST Forum.

METEC will feature two concurrent congresses, focusing on developments in industrial metallurgy. The German Steel Institute (VHDe) will hold its 3rd International Steel Congress June 11-15, featuring new developments in metallurgy processing technology. From June 11-14, the Association for Mining, Metallurgy, Raw Material and Environmental Technology (GDMB) will stage its 4th Metallurgical Conference, focusing on nonferrous metal producing.

THERMPROCESS will address various topics, such as heating, heat reclamation, and sinter processes. Members of the Research Association for Industrial Kiln Engineering will provide a further platform for an intensive exchange of information and experiences at an international level.

Plans for the NEWCAST forum and exhibits call for mechanical and vehicular design engineers to meet with foundry specialists, to discuss current topics concerning innovative casting constructions and cost components.

Messe Desseldorf, the organizer of all the events, expects approximately 800 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors to take part in GIFA 2007. GIFA will be staged in seven exhibit halls, "designed for maximum visibility of each exhibitor." Numerous amenities, such as restaurants, protected walkways between halls, stores, banks, post office, travel service, business service centers, and more will be available on the site to visitors.

Exhibit categories at GIFA will include foundry machinery and plant construction, casting machinery and equipment, melting processes, and mold and core making. The WFO Technical Program, organized by the German Foundrymen's Association, will be held in Hall 10, free of charge.

A noteworthy feature at the 2007 staging will be the North American Pavilion, a congregation of U.S. and Canadian companies, cosponsored by the American Foundry Society. This has proven to be an ideal way for small-to-medium sized companies to make a greater impact at a large trade show and is a most effective way to begin or increase overseas trade. Exhibitors will have additional assistance from MDNA and the U.S. Commercial Service staff with exporting and licensing questions.

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Allied Mineral Products Inc.
Allied Mineral Products designs and manufactures monolithic refractories and precast refractory shapes, with a strong presence in the foundry, aluminum, steel, and industrial markets worldwide. Among the Allied Mineral product lines are American Precast Refractories, Chicago Fire Brick, and Matrix Refractories

Alu-Cut International LLC
A specialty supplier of billet saws, saws for slabs, ingots, Tbars, and plate.

Amcol International
AMCOL International Corp., through operating subsidiaries, produces and markets value-added, specialty minerals and related products. Its products serve 12 major markets, including—metalcasting. AMCOL's transportation segment acts as a servicing operation for other business segments and outside customers.

Analytical Reference Materials Intl. Corp.
The ARMI Inter-Laboratory Analysis Program (ILAP) originated is a voluntary organization in private industry dedicated to production and development of quality Certified Reference Materials (CRMs). The ILAP is the classic example of industry working together for a common goal — analysis of metals and metal alloys.

Ashland Casting Solutions
A global provider of products, processes, and technologies for cold-box sand binder systems and non-binder metalcasting systems. It's also a developer of products to help foundries achieve the highest possible quality with improved productivity … a single source for a full range of related products for effective vendor consolidation.

Counter Pressure Casting (CPC) Inc.
CPC Group designs Counter-Pressure Casting machines that offer the latest technology plus ease of operation and maintenance. Compared with other casting methods, counter-pressure technology produces lighter, stronger castings at lower production cost.

CARBO Ceramics Inc.
CARBOACCUCAST is a ceramic media product that's strong and durable for casting applications, and ideal for reclamation. Solid waste and media recharge requirements are reduced with ceramic media, and the products are inert and compatible with most chemical additives. With no quartz silica detected, silicosis potential is lowered. High flowability increases opportunities to produce thin wall castings, minimizing casting mass. Higher fill and compaction cycle rates are achieved with lower energy, enhancing opportunities for increased production and reduced casting defects.

Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc.
Carrier's vibratory process solutions can impact your business and keep your profits flowing! Carrier's pioneering work in the field of vibratory technology covers a range of industries, including foundries. Custom-engineered solutions include vibrating and conventional fluid bed dryers and coolers, foundry conveyors and feeders, sand coolers, and shakeout systems.

Consolidated Engineering Company (CEC) Inc.
CEC has built a reputation for quality heat-processing equipment with over 3,400 installations worldwide. For metalcasting operations, CEC's CleanCast technology for permanent and semipermanent mold castings consists of accelerated heat treatment and decoring, and controlling the retained heat in the casting by moving it rapidly from the casting station to the heat treatment furnace, in an entirely automated heat treating cell.

Centrifugal Casting Machine Co. Inc.Centrifugal casting uses spinning molds to generate centrifugal force on molten metal, to position the metal within a mold. As the metal solidifies from the outside in, a casting with dense, close grain structure is created. Combining proper mold design, mold coatings, mold spinning speeds, pouring speeds, cooling rates and metal chemistry results in castings with fewer impurities and greater strength.

Ceradyne Inc.
Ceradyne develops and produces of advanced technical ceramics and solutions for the most demanding applications in automotive/engine, industrial wear, medical, electronic, and defense industries.

Chesapeake Specialty Products Inc.
Chesapeake Specialty Products manufactures environmentally friendly metallic abrasive and iron-oxide products that reduce waste, minimize emissions, and reduce cost to consumers. Products such as SphereOX, METgrain steel abrasives, and METgrit chilled iron abrasives provide innovative, cost effective, environmentally sound solutions that exceed customers' expectations.

CMH Manufacturing/Hall Machines
CMH produces the Hall line of foundry equipment with special emphasis on aluminum tilt-pour gravity diecasting machines. It offers parts and new equipment for the Stahl line of casting equipment, as well as a full line of Autocast casting machines, casting catchers, rotary tables, peripheral work cell support equipment, robotics and automation designed around the tilt-pour principle.

CMI Novacast Inc.
CMI Novacast offers electro-magnetic aluminum pumps, plus research and engineering to improve the original technology of the pump system, aiming to deliver the industry's most reliable, predictable, and high-performance low-pressure or gravity casting system.

Didion International Inc.
Didion rotary processing machinery includes systems for shakeout, reclamation, sand screening, casting cleaning/cooling, and sand blending/cooling. The high-efficiency design, reliability, and low maintenance requirements of every Didion machine has made the company the world leader in rotary processing machinery — saving customers throughout the world substantial operating costs.

ExOne Co./Pro-Metal
Ex One's ProMetal Rapid Casting Technology (RCT) produces sand casting molds and cores direct from CAD models – enabling fabrication of molds and cores that are often impossible to create by conventional means. This offers unprecedented flexibility to produce complex, finely detailed, patternless castings while reducing production costs and time to market. The ProMetal RCT S15 system is a factory floor solution that provides everything necessary to produce casting molds and cores directly from CAD files.

Finite Solutions Inc.
FSI's SOLIDCast simulation software shows how a casting will solidify before patterns and dies are made. Pour test castings on the computer; design and test gates and risers. FLOWCast is the new flow-modeling module that works in conjunction with models created by SOLIDCast. And, OPTICast is a new software product that works in conjunction with the SOLIDCast solidification modeling system. OPTICast allows the foundry engineer to start with an initial design for a casting, with gating and risering, as a 3D model in the SOLIDCast modeling system.

Flow Science Inc.
FLOW-3D is a powerful modeling tool that gives engineers valuable insight into many physical flow processes. With special capabilities for accurately predicting free surface flows, FLOW3D is an ideal software to use in the design phase, as well as to improve production processes.

General Kinematics Corp.
GK produces vibratory systems that help profitable and efficient foundries turn capital investments into profits. GK foundry equipment increases casting throughput, reduces casting damage, and reduces maintenance cost, and its designs are the longest lasting vibratory equipment in the world.

HA International LLC
HA International serves the North American foundry industry as the largest supplier of products for core/mold production. Its parent organizations are highly integrated in the global chemical industry: Borden Chemical Inc., is the largest producer of formaldehyde and phenolic resins in North America, and Hettenes Albertus supplies the global foundry industry through a network of subsidiary and affiliated companies.

Hunter Automated Machinery Corp.
Hunter Automated designs and supplies a full line of equipment for molding processes, turntable mold handling, linear mold handling, and automatic coresetting.

Pillar Induction
Pillar offers heating equipment for annealing, curing powder or aqueous coatings, forging, forming, getter flashing, graphite susceptor heating, hardening, melting, normalizing, outgassing, shrink fitting, tempering, and more. Pre-owned equipment also available.

Pyrotek Inc.
Pyrotek supplies consumables and melt treatment solutions for aluminum worldwide. Solutions and in-plant consulting are available for every aspect of aluminum production. This includes products and materials designed to meet the demanding requirements of foundries — for filtration, degassing, melt treatment, metal transfer, holding, filtration, and casting.

Selee products for foundries include silicon carbide for iron filtration and high-purity zirconia for steel and superalloy applications. Ceramic foam filters are preferred by aluminum foundries of all types and levels of production due to their effectiveness, ease of use, and low cost. They are manufactured in a range of compositions and sizes, for producers of standard aluminum castings or critical, complex, thin-wall aerospace castings. Selee's Talvic inoculant filtration system produces the cleanest iron castings with superior microstructure and mechanical properties. And, Selee SiC filters for iron filtration are precision-cut after firing to the tightest dimensional tolerances.

Simpson Technologies Corp.
Simpson Group is a family of world renowned foundry and process technology. From process industry mixing plants to a portfolio of technologies including molding sand coolers, batch and continuous mixers, on-line process controls, sand reclamation, sand laboratory instrumentation, core machines, core sand preparation plants, gas generators, odor scrubbers, shell sand preparation plants, molding machines, mold handling equipment, pneumatic transporters and system automation and SCADA systems.

Smith & Richardson Mfg. Co.
Smith & Richardson Mfg. is a precision CNC turning and screw machine company that combines the professional ISO 9002 atmosphere of a large Corp. with quick delivery and a consultative attitude. The Smith & Richardson Foundry Chaplets division supplies hinge tubes, tin forms, skim gates, motor chaplets, double heads, radiator chaplets, perforated chaplets, and related items.

Tecpro Corp.
Tecpro produces technologically advanced cored wires, inoculants and refractory coatings, which allows the company to serve the foundry industry in both the metallurgical and sand areas. Its product innovations have included mold inoculation with solid cast inserts; Mg-treatment and inoculation with cored wire; and Flow-Coating Application technology.

UNICAST Development Co.
Unicast ceramic molding offers the simplicity of sand casting and the quality of precision casting. Using ordinary patterns of wood, metal, plaster, epoxy, STLs, etc., a ceramic slurry is poured that, when set, forms a highly refractory mold. Castings produced from these molds offer a close degree of tolerance combined with exceptional surface finish. There are virtually no alloy limitations and most ferrous or nonferrous foundry alloys can be cast readily.

Unimin Corp.
Unimin products are the essential raw materials used in nearly every manufacturing process, but the company also offers global transportation specialists, applications engineers and technical advisors, and R&D experts. Its mineral portfolio and product mix is applications-driven, built on quality and consistency, basic and applied research, customer partnering, and product development.

United Refractories Co.
United Refractories supplies specialty refractories to the aluminum and steel industries, and for various foundry applications. Typical foundry applications include coreless induction furnaces; channel induction furnaces; cupola; transfer and treatment ladles; ductile iron converters; pressure pour siphons; pouring ladles; auto-pour ladles.

V.J. Technologies Inc.
Solutions for X-ray imaging that focus on conventional, non-destructive testing techniques: conventional X-ray, microfocus X-ray, computed tomography, and high-energy applications up to 9meV.

Vulcan Engineering Co.
Vulcan Engineering offers a total concept approach to engineering, manufacturing, and installation, of foundry equipment and control systems. Equipment offerings include green sand systems, and molding machinery for matchplate systems, flaskless cope and drag applications, or shell molding, investment casting and nobake operations. Vulcan also builds fully automated mold handling systems, and supplies complete lost foam systems.

Wagstaff Inc.
Casting machinery and systems, including the ShurCast machine, keyed by its internally guided casting cylinder — no external guide columns and guide shoes to adjust and repair.