New Urethane No-Bake Binder

Jan. 22, 2010
Testing confirms "Super-Hybrid" offers fast tensile-strength development and reactivity.

The Research and Development team at HA International’s Westmont Technical Center has developed BioSet, a new urethane no-bake binder based on tetraethyl ortho silicate (TEOS) and other solvents. A so-called "Super-Hybrid," this binder uses biodiesel and aromatic solvents for fast tensile strength development and reactivity. Combined with a Part 2 that uses both TEOS and biodiesel solvents, the binding system shows high potential.

Environmental concerns frequently develop as fugitive odors and emissions are emitted by foundries. This presents an ongoing challenge with the local regulatory agencies. In an attempt to comply with all state and local regulations, expensive abatement alternatives can be installed, though these may not entirely eliminate complaints about the odors.

Results of BioSet field testing have supported the development efforts to reduce emissions and odors. The system gives off very low levels of odor at coremaking and molding, and very little smoke and odor at pouring, cooling, and shakeout. Initially tested at a large steel foundry in Indiana, product testing has now been expanded to an environmentally conscious ferrous foundry in California.

The new BioSet system has been in field evaluations throughout the past year with testing that has gradually increased in scale.

One plant has already converted to BioSet based on casting results, and the remarkable reduction of odor in the plant. Field testing confirms the "Super-Hybrid" resin system, BioSet, is a viable performance alternative to traditional phenolic urethane no-bake resins.

Mike Straszewski is the Marketing Manager with HA International. Contact him at [email protected], or Tel. 630-575-5715.