Dual-Station Coremaking Productivity

Jan. 22, 2010
One operator, two jobs simultaneously significatly increasing productivity and reducing cost-per-core.

The Harrison Machine Dual Station operating system allows one operator run two jobs simultaneously, significantly increasing operator productivity and reducing core production cost.

Harrison Machine Co. LLC believes a coremaking process should be chosen for its ability to improve casting quality and reduce overall cost, not be cause it’s more efficient than the existing old machines. If superior efficiency is the only criteria for a better core machine, then why change processes?

Harrison core machines feature the Dual Station operating system, on which one operator can run two different jobs simultaneously, significantly increasing operator productivity and reducing cost-per-core.

The extensive line of coremaking machines includes Cold and Hot Process models, all with a wide capacity range to meet most application requirements. For foundries with lower-volume requirements, the new Harrison Single Station Core Machine Line has all of the technology and features of the dual-station machines at a much more justifiable price, with the option of adding the second station when increased demand requires it.

True Dual Station operation runs two different core boxes with different operational settings and blow-hole placement simultaneously, doubling operator productivity and cutting cost-per-core as much as 40%. Dual Station Shell machines can out-perform most single-station Cold Box machines, and Harrison Cold Box machines are even more productive than our Shell machines.

Harrison’s core machine technology increases productivity and operational flexibility to the extent that several existing core machines can be replaced by one Harrison Dual Station machine, to reduce coremaking energy consumption as much as 50%, along with related emissions. Reducing the number of machines needed to meet coremaking demand also reduces overhead and frees up valuable floor space.

Harrison’s Quick Change Box Mounting System speeds up set-up time and eliminates operator error and delays. Plus, this universal mounting system makes it possible to put any box on any machine it will fit into.

The advanced control and process monitoring system helps to ensure repeatable quality and scheduling accuracy. Lean manufacturing methods can now be applied to coremaking with process- and cost-control capability that fits lean practices already in place. (In many cases, a foundry can run even leaner by reducing its lot/run quantities.)

Harrison Machine Co. believes in continuous improvement and innovation, and strives to bring meaningful and justifiable advances in technology and reliability to foundry customers, helping them to be more competitive and profitable.