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Quality Coremaking Forms a Strong Partnership

Jan. 23, 2012
Two family-owned businesses continue to grow despite market's challenges
Bender Foundry Service operates five Laempe CoreCenter installations at for its custom coremaking operation in Sigourney, IA.

LaempeReich Corp. and Bender Foundry Service Inc. have developed a successful partnership: the first supplies advanced coremaking technology, and the latter produces high-quality sand cores for metalcasters, as well as customized pouring cups and sand and resin products. Both are family owned businesses, and each one has continued to grow in recent years despite the recession

Bender Foundry Service was established in 1990 by Doug and Joyce Bender to supply sand cores to the foundry industry. The business opened in a 15,000-ft2 building, but now it’s operating in a 65,400-ft2 plant in Sigourney, IA.

Over the years, Bender has provided shell, warm-box and no-bake cores to many foundries. However, in 2000, seeing an opportunity in metalcasters’ expanding interest in cold box cores, Bender Foundry Service acquired two Laempe LL10 core centers. In 2002, a Laempe LB25 core center was installed, too, and in 2004 another Laempe LL10 was added to the operation. In 2010, a Laempe LL20 arrived, and in early 2011 another Laempe LL10 core center was added.

“Since we installed our first Laempe in 2000, we have seen a steady increase in the growth of cold box (demand),” according to the Benders. “We believe the foundry industry’s demand for these products will continue. With six Laempe CoreCenters we now have the ability to better meet our customer’s needs.”

The CoreCenter system combines a core shooter, sand mixer, and gas generator under a single PC-based controller. LaempeReich has installed over 250 of these in North America, with customized service for installation, including pre-installation engineering, tooling design and support, installation supervision, local parts supply and ongoing technical support.'

Bender Foundry Service reports that its Laempe CoreCenters provide excellent production flexibility, using vertically and/or horizontally parted tooling. Customers’ tooling in plastic, wood, or metal can be used with minimal adaptation requirements. Cores weighing up to 92 lbs have been produced. It has achieved production peaks of 75 blows/hour on the LB25 and 135 blows/hour on the LL10.

More information is available from LaempeReich Corp. Visit