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Precision is critical in cylinder lining production, due to their critical role in the combustion process.

Venture Building Foundry, Machine Shop for Cylinder Liners

Oct. 14, 2012
TPR to own 53.9%, Federal-Mogul 46.1% 155,000-sq.ft. operation starts up in 2013

A new joint venture of Federal-Mogul Corporation and TPR Co. Ltd. is building a new plant in Lawrenceburg, TN, to cast and machine cylinder liners. TPR Federal-Mogul Tennessee Inc., established this year, reportedly will invest $31 million and employ 70 workers in the new operation. It would begin commercial production in mid 2013.

TPR America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of TPR Co Ltd., will own 53.9% of the new company. Federal-Mogul Powertrain Inc. will have 46.1% stake.

Details of the metalcasting and machining operations have not been released.

The Lawrenceburg operation, about 70 miles southwest of Nashville, will be sited in a vacated, 155,000-square-foot industrial building.

“TPR is excited about the opportunity to grow its business and invest in Tennessee,” according to an unnamed company official. “We were attracted to the area due to the business friendly climate, skilled workforce, and proximity to our customers and suppliers.”

A cylinder liner is a cylindrical form that fits into an engine block to form a cylinder. By functioning as the inner wall of a cylinder, the liner forms a sliding surface for the piston rings, and it transmits combustion heat from the piston and piston rings to the engine coolant. A liner is also relied on to contain engine pressure within the cylinder.

TPR is the company formerly known as Teikoku Piston Ring Co. Ltd., a Tokyo-based manufacturer of piston rings, cylinder liners, valve seats, and a range of other automotive and engine components.

Federal-Mogul is a global manufacturer of engine bearings, pistons, piston pins, piston rings, cylinder liners, valve seats and guides, and many other automotive products.

The two companies have several joint operations, including Federal-Mogul TP Liners Inc., in Lake City, MN, established in 1999; and United Piston Rings Inc. in Manitowoc, WI, formed in 2001.