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Industrial Innovations’ Quick Spray Release multi-connection technology assists with quick die change.

Multi-Connection Manifold Simplifies Die Change

Jan. 12, 2013
Each die connected to a standard manifold Disconnect manifold, remove/replace die

INDUSTRIAL INNOVATIONS reports that its Quick Spray Release multi-connection manifold allows “one-click” disconnect and connect of multiple hoses, to assist with Quick Die Change.  This simplified method eliminates costly set-up time and confusing lube line hookup, to ensure lubricant spray is applied where intended every time.

In traditional die change procedures, operators disconnect and then connect all hoses individually, slowing or complicating quick die-change efforts.  Additionally, there is a greater chance for error as the operator may mismatch hoses and nozzles to deliver the wrong amount of lubricant, to the wrong place, at the wrong time.

With Industrial Innovation’s one-click, spray nozzle multi-connection design, each die has hoses connected to a single standard manifold. During die changeover, the operator simply unclicks the quick-disconnect manifold, and removes the die.  The new die is then put in place and the new manifold plugged in.  The operator then loads the part program and spray profile for accurate volume, placement, and timing of the lubricant.

Industrial Innovations is a manufacturer of industrial lubrication equipment for operation in metalworking industries including diecasting, metalforming, machining and stamping.  The company is known for its comprehensive approach to lubrication solution development, supported by the effective engineering principles, reliable components and quality construction of its equipment.