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Diecasting mold component.
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Ellwood Engineered Castings Expansion Planned

June 10, 2013
Updating its manufacturing processes Completion set for January 2014

Foundry Solutions & Design has been contracted to provide consultation, engineering, and project management for an expansion project at Ellwood Engineered Castings. It said the project would be completed in January 2014, but other details about the program and its cost were not announced.

FS&D noted the gray and ductile iron foundry in Hubbard, OH, is updating its manufacturing processes in order to produce a wider range of products. Currently, EEC produces castings ranging in size from 1 ton to 100 tons.

The foundry is a division of Ellwood Group Inc., which operates a series of steelmaking, forging, and casting businesses in Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, as well as in Canada.

The 14,000-sq.ft. foundry has three, 55-ton coreless induction furnaces capable of melting 900 tons of iron per day. No-bake molding lines are used to pour large-dimension castings, and the foundry has its own patternmaking capabilities.

The current product line includes ingot molds, consumable electrode molds, and forging ingot molds. Some of its products are supplied to an affiliate, Ellwood Quality Steels, a steel ingot-producer. It also produces stools, sprue plates, center runners, hot top castings, and related products used in ingot pouring.  

Other products include slag pots for EAF melt shops, chill molds for roll shops, containers for nuclear waste recycling, and automotive stamping dies.