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The camshaft and connecting rod product lines are 'not core to Federal-Mogul Powertrain's long-term portfolio strategy,' according to Rainer Jueckstock, co-CEO of Federal-Mogul and and CEO of Federal-Mogul Powertrain.

Federal-Mogul Sells Foundry, Machine Shop

July 2, 2013
Plants in England and Canada Supplying GM, Ford, Chrysler, other OEMs Advances “strategic vision”

Auto parts manufacturer Federal-Mogul Corporation is selling its connecting rod and camshaft business to JD Norman Industries Inc., an Illinois-based manufacturer of metal components and systems. The sale from Federal-Mogul’s Powertrain Segment includes the group’s only con rod machining plant, in Windsor, Ontario, and its only camshaft foundry, located in Lydney, England.

The value of the sale was not announced. The two plants have a total of 230 employees.

Both businesses supply global automotive and commercial vehicle engine platforms.

"It is our intention to fully integrate the businesses into JD Norman and continue to provide customers with a high level of quality and service," stated JD Norman Industries president and CEO Justin D. Norman.

"The Windsor and Lydney plants are respected for their experience and high quality operations by their customers, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Linamar, Jaguar, Land Rover, PSA and others, however the connecting rod and camshaft business is not core to Federal-Mogul Powertrain's long-term portfolio strategy," stated Rainer Jueckstock, Federal Mogul's co-CEO and CEO Federal-Mogul Powertrain.

Last fall, Federal-Mogul reorganized its operations into two lines of business, each with its own CEO reporting to the board of directors. Highlighting Powertrain and Vehicle Component Solutions as separate enterprises, the change aimed to strengthen the multi-brand organization’s customer focus in the automotive and aftermarket supply chains.

The Federal-Mogul Powertrain business manufacturers bearings, fuel pumps, gaskets, pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, valve seats and guides, and numerous other engine and drivetrain components. The company also produces a number of braking and lighting system products.

No plans were indicated last fall to downsize or liquidate product lines was indicated.

"These plants will benefit from the industrial experience, business strategy and respected relationships with key customers offered by the JD Norman management team,” Jueckstock continued.

The iron foundry in Lydney has been the subject of modernization plans. In 2011, local authorities promoted plans to add a new machining operation on an adjacent, brownfield site.

JD Norman has four plants performing die stamping, tool-and-die design, spot welding, precision machining, heat treating, and other processes, in Addison, IL, Brooklyn, OH, Leslie, MI, and Monterrey, Mexico.

"The acquisition of the Lydney and Windsor businesses will advance JD Norman's strategic vision of building a global manufacturer with world-class capabilities and service," CEO Norman said. "By adding two key powertrain products in connecting rods and camshafts and new plant locations in Canada and the United Kingdom, JD Norman adds diversification and new markets to our portfolio."