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The UCERAM system can be installed on any pouring vessel furnace or ladle and any molding line horizontal or vertical

Automated Iron Pouring System

Aug. 19, 2013
Raises foundry yields Reduces manpower requirements Options support improved iron control, traceability, and quality

The SERT UCERAM System available from FOSECO is a 100% automated system that increases the speed and efficiency of pouring and molding lines. It will increase an iron foundry’s yield through precision pouring while also improving casting quality. The system can be installed on any pouring vessel (furnace or ladle-type), and any molding line (horizontal or vertical).

Also, the SERT UCERAM system reduces manpower requirements in the control room, and it improves process control when used together with UCELOG software.  It can be bundled with other systems, equipment, consumables, and service functions to create customized, integrated, melt shop solutions for iron foundries.

Since it was launched in 1996, about 80 UCERAM units have been sold to some 40 foundries, in Europe, in the U.S., and in Asia.  The package is comprised of:
-  An electric actuator for stopper driving;
-  An advanced pouring controller;
-  An optical sensor, based on a multi‐measurement image analysis 
device that can feed the controller with real-time information from the pouring area (e.g., iron level in the cup, stream width, nozzle leakage, etc.)

In addition, several options are available for UCERAM systems that all contribute to improved iron control, traceability and quality. These include:

-  Automatic positioning of the pouring machine;

-  Measurement and control of metal level in the channel; 

-  In‐stream temperature measurement
-  In‐stream inoculant feeding
-  In‐stream inoculation checking;

-  Adjustment of iron temperature at the pouring point.