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Dynacast Buys Metal-Injection Molding Operation

Sept. 15, 2014
Kinetics Climax will form a wholly owned subsidiary of the diecasting group MIM since 2013 Complementary markets Tooling and experience
Kinetics operates closed-loop, microprocessor-controlled metal injection molding with robotic part extraction from the machines to maintain precise molding parameters and uniform cycle times. It has production runs ranging from thousands to tens of millions per year.

Charlotte-based Dynacast International Inc. expects to complete its acquisition of Kinetics Climax Inc. late this month, at which time the metal-injection molding manufacturer will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynacast. The value of the purchase was not announced.

The company already operates The company has 22 plants in 16 countries, and produces diecastings in aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloys using conventional cold-chamber diecasting and conventional and multi-slide hot chamber diecasting

Dynacast adopted metal-injection molding (MIM) in 2013, adding that process to its production of diecast component parts for automotive, electronics, medical/surgical, and other critical applications. It said then that the MIM process is effective for delivering a “shot” to fill several cavities per mold, making it a good process for high-volume production of small, complex parts. It added that it had modified its proprietary multi-slide technology with a custom feeding system that it has optimized for the powder flow and thermal characteristics of MIM feed material.

The MIM process involves mixing powdered metal with a binder to formulate a solution for injection molding equipment, a process normally used to form plastic parts. Injection molding allows complex parts to be shaped in a single operation and in high volumes, though the MIM process is defined by the physical limits of the feedstock’s flow, which may limit the volume of material injected, and thus the size of the finished products.

Kinetics Climax, Wilsonville, OR, produces MIM parts for automotive, defense, and medical applications. Its material capabilities range among various low-alloy and stainless steels, with numerous treatments available, including heat treatment, case hardening, sintering, quenche and temper, and so forth.   

According to a Dynacast statement, Kinetics' experience in complementary markets (medical, automotive), will align with its own expertise.

"This acquisition establishes Dynacast not only as a premier precision component manufacturer globally, but also as a front-runner in the growing metal injection molding market," stated Simon Newman, Dynacast's CEO.

Dynacast stated that it expects its own in-house tooling and design capabilities will enhance Kinetics' MIM manufacturing processes, and that Kinetics' MIM technology and experience will enhance the value of its processes and products for customers.