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Brabant Alucast
Brabant Alucast designs and produces high-pressure diecast aluminum and magnesium for automotive parts.

Shiloh Buying Two EU HPDC Plants

Feb. 26, 2018
Brabant Alucast operations in Italy, Netherlands produce automotive powertrain, suspension, and structural parts

Shiloh Industries Inc. entered into two agreements with Brabant Alucast Services B.V. to acquire Brabant Alucast Italy, at Verrés, and Brabant Alucast Netherlands, at Oss. Without naming the purchase terms, the buyer noted the two operations will expand its aluminum and magnesium diecasting and stamping capacity in Europe.

Both transactions are expected to close this month, subject to regulatory approvals.

Shiloh noted the two plants represent more than €110 million ($135.7 million) in annualized sales revenue, with about 600 employees.

Ohio-based Shiloh operates manufacturing plants in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, producing automotive components ranging from stampings and welded blanks to aluminum and magnesium diecastings, and precision machined parts for automotive bodies, powertrains, structural and seating components.

Brabant Alucast produces high-pressure diecast aluminium and magnesium components for the automotive powertrain, suspension, and structural parts.

“The team members, products, and technologies in Verrés and Oss will be instrumental in supporting our expanding customer relationships,” stated David Jaeger, senior vice president and managing director of Shiloh’s CastLight® brand. “This opportunity enhances our global cross-car beam, front-end carrier and shock tower businesses, as well as expands our structural aluminum body, chassis and propulsion products already produced in North America and Asia today.”