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Chromalloy Wins Long-Term US Navy Contract

June 17, 2018
Six-year award to repair, refurbish high-pressure hot-section parts for LM2500 engines, for Littoral Combat Ships

Chromalloy won a six-year, "firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity" contract from the U.S. Navy to repair and refurbish high-pressure hot-section parts for LM2500 engines, the gas turbine engines that serve as part of the propulsion system for Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships.

The repairs will include water-flow inspections, cleaning and stripping of airfoil coating, and welding and brazing to return worn or damaged parts to the designed dimensions. The work will be carried out at Chromalloy’s Carson City, Nev., operations. The contract continues through May 2024

"This contract award is indicative of the new capabilities continuously being implemented across our business,” stated Chromalloy vice president and regional managing director-Americas, Jim Erickson. "That, combined with our record of delivering high quality services on-time, makes us an excellent value-choice for customers."

Chromalloy manufactures investment-cast turbine engine blades and vanes for aerospace and industrial gas engines, and has a global network of operations for repairing turbine engine components, including applying customized coatings for such parts. Its customers include airlines, military services, marine fleets, and utilities, around the world.

The Independence-class LCS is one of two variants of high-speed, multipurpose warships in use and in development for the U.S. Navy, for operation in near-shore combat zones. Seven of the planned 15 vessels are already in service.

In addition to the two gas turbine engines, the LCS is powered by two diesel engines, two propulsion shaftlines, a retractable azimuth thruster, and four diesel generators.

The LM2500 is a General Electric-designed gas-turbine engine, widely used in a range of naval vessels for the U.S. Navy and other naval forces. It’s also in use for hydrofoils, hovercraft, and high-speed ferries.