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Chromalloy has investment casting foundries in Tampa and Carson City NV where it produces turbine parts it supplies to jet engine builders and to its own network of aircraft engine service centers

Chromalloy Delivers First Parts to Rolls-Royce

April 13, 2014
Seal segment carrier components Casting and machining network Multi-year contract with Rolls

Chromalloy reported it made its first delivery of components to Rolls-Royce plc for the Trent XWB program, a turbofan jet engine developed for the Airbus A350 XWB wide body aircraft.  The new jet is expected to make its commercial debut later this year.

Tampa-based Chromalloy indicated the parts it produced are seal segment carrier components, part of the structure that reduces tip leakage over the turbine blades, helping to maximize blade performance.

The Trent XWB is a high-bypass turbofan engine developed by Rolls-Royce from its Trent 1000 engine platform exclusively for the Airbus A350 XWB, a long-range wide body jet that makes its commercial debut later this year.

“As a supplier for the new Trent XWB engine, Chromalloy has delivered our first seal segment carrier components to the manufacturer’s production line,” stated president Carlo Luzzatto. “The components were cast at a Chromalloy investment foundry and machining was performed at a manufacturing center in the company’s global network.”

Chromalloy’s complex in Florida includes a foundry and custom ceramic coremaking plant. Another investment casting foundry operates in Carson City, NV. Both plants parts for turbine jet engines that are supplied to OEMs and airlines through a global network of aircraft engine service centers.

The Florida foundry also produces some cast parts for IGT products, and nickel and cobalt master alloys. In addition to castings, the group has precision machining operations to finish critical aerospace parts.

Chromalloy said the delivery to Rolls-Royce is part of a multi-year contract for the Trent XWB engine program. The company has supplied parts and repairs to Rolls-Royce over several years, providing repairs and services for the components in the gas path or hot section of commercial and military aircraft engines.

“Chromalloy is a total solution provider for critical components for power systems, offering make-complete parts from design and engineering services through casting and machining,” Luzzatto stated.

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