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Waterman S-7000 water-control valve Waterman
Waterman Industries heavy-duty cast iron slide gates are used in dams, tide-control systems, and water-treatment plants.

McWane Acquires Water-Control System Manufacturer

Waterman Industries produces cast iron and stainless steel products for water treatment, flood control, wastewater, agriculture, water delivery, and hydropower.

McWane Inc. recently purchased Waterman Industries, a manufacturer of water-control products for numerous applications, including water treatment, wastewater, agriculture, rural water delivery, hydropower, and flood control. Based in Exeter, CA, Waterman is one of the top domestic manufacturers of cast-iron water-control gates, as well as fabricated stainless steel water-control gates.

The buyer did not release the details of its transaction.

Birmingham-based McWane manufactures ductile-iron pipes, valves, hydrants, fittings, and plumbing products. It also manufactures fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, steel pressure vessels, network switches, and monitoring equipment. Its holdings include numerous iron foundries operating as McWane Ductile, Clow Valve, Clow Canada, Kennedy Valve, and M&H Valve.

In its announcement of the purchase, McWane committed to invest in the California plant “to modernize operations with new equipment and best-in-class manufacturing processes, to improve productivity, product delivery times, and team member safety. The company will also focus on improving communication and strengthening relationships with its customers, channel partners, and suppliers.”

“Waterman’s high-quality products and veteran industry experts are an excellent complement to McWane’s Valve and Hydrant Group,” stated president and CEO Ruffner Page.

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