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Aludyne Buys Shiloh’s Lightweight Castings Business

April 15, 2021
Adding more aluminum and mag-alloy diecasting capacity expands Aludyne’s capabilities for thin-walled components used for EVs and automotive structures.

Aludyne – a Michigan-based automotive foundry group – has acquired Shiloh Industries' CastLight aluminum diecasting division, expanding its lightweight parts manufacturing base with new plants in the U.S., China, and Europe. The buyer also highlighted the new capacity it is gaining for "’high-integrity, thin-walled components’ to be used in electrified drivetrains, e-motor housings, battery trays and structural components.”

No price was reported for the private transaction. Aludyne stated that the combined organization is expected to generate pro forma revenue over $1 billion.

CastLight is a unit of Ohio-based Shiloh Industries that offers high-pressure diecasting and squeeze casting at five U.S. plants, one each in The Netherlands and Poland, and a Chinese location it opened in 2018. Its products are aluminum- and magnesium-alloy automotive transmission and structural parts.

Shiloh produces stampings, welded blanks, and machined parts for supplier for automotive bodies, powertrains, and structural and seating components. It formed CastLight from a series of aluminum and magnesium diecasting operations it acquired in the U.S. and Europe over the past decade. It has not commented on the sale.

Aludyne, at that time called Chassix, was formed in 2013 by a merger of casting group SMW Automotive LLC and specialty machining specialist Diversified Machine Inc. Its current arrangement includes 21 manufacturing plants and four technical centers in nine countries, with approximately 3,500 employees. Capabilities include aluminum diecastings and sand castings, as well as ductile-iron castings for automotive chassis, subframes, and EV/e-mobility systems.

"We welcome the CastLight employees in North America, Europe, and Asia to the Aludyne team," stated Aludyne president and CEO Andreas S. Weller. "Together we are a stronger company delivering innovative solutions to the mobility industry and meeting the needs of our customers globally."