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X1 MetalTool is shown for a plastic injection molding application in front of the X1 25Pro® metal 3D printer.

Industrial- Grade 3D-Printed Tooling

Sept. 14, 2021
Fast, affordable, and local tooling options for manufacturers of metalcastings, plastic injection molding, and fiber-based composite parts.

THE EXONE CO. launched a portfolio of industrial-grade 3D-printed tooling for metalcasting, plastic injection molding or forming, laying-up of composites, and more. Already offering binder-jet 3D printers for sand molds and cores for metalcasting applications, ExOne is expanding its tooling portfolio following its acquisition of Freshmade 3D, as well as successful testing of new 3DP metal tooling options.

For casting metal parts, the options include X1 SandCast tooling, offered in a variety of sand types and binders, including inorganic formulas for high-quality aluminum castings. The X1 MetalTool tooling can be used for plastic forming as well as 3D-printing end-of-arm tooling, and perishable or consumable cutting tools in a variety of metals, including tool steels.

The X1 DieMold tooling, still in development, will include 3D-printed H13 tool-steel die molds. These have passed proof-of-concept tests and are in fast-track testing with several manufacturers.

 3D printed in H13 tool steel are currently fast-tracked with several global manufacturers after passing proof of concept tests.

Manufacturers can order X1 Tooling products directly from ExOne – or they can purchase an ExOne 3D printer for tooling applications. Sizing options vary according to the type of tooling.

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