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Huron Castings Plans No-Bake Operation

June 17, 2008
Michigan supports steel foundry expansion
Huron Casting Inc. plans to build a new, $10-million no-bake foundry in Pigeon, MI, with financial support from state development funding. HCI’s wholly subsidiary, Blue Diamond Steel Casting L.L.C., will produce larger castings than those produced at Huron’s shell molding foundry. The current operation produces carbon, low-alloy, and stainless steel products up to 400 lb. The new 180,000-ft 2 operation will produce castings up to 3,000 lb. for customers in the oil field and heavy machinery sectors, some of whom have contracted orders already, according to Michigan officials. No timetable for the project has been announced. The Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC) is supplying a $1.1-million grant, to be used for water and sewer improvements to serve the new plant. The village of Pigeon will provide $152,850 to support the project, and Huron County is contributing $60,000. Road improvements are also promised for the new facility. The Michigan Dept. of Transportation also will deliver a $996,000 subsidy.