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Benton Foundry Commissions Breakthrough Molding Machinery

Oct. 10, 2008
New DISA allows larger matchplate option for shorter, moderate runs and frequent pattern changes

Benton Foundry, Benton, PA, has commissioned the first of a new generation of matchplate molding machines developed by DISA Industries. The machine was installed in August at the ferrous foundry, offering “the perfect larger matchplate option for shorter, moderate runs and frequent pattern changes,” according to a company statement.

In addition to gray and ductile iron, family-owned Benton supplies ADI products for manufacturers of valves, pumps, electric motors, and gear reduction drives. Its new molding system is expected to be in full operation later this year.

The new model machine has a 28x32-in. mold size with an adjustable cope and drag height, and according to a DISA spokesman it’s also offered with 24x28-in. and 32x32-in. platforms. In operation, the new design achieves fast plate changes thanks to its Quick Match Plate Changer to produce over 100 non-cored molds/hour, and 80 cored molds/hour.

DISA Group says its new matchplate design signals an advance in horizontal molding processes. The new system presents operators with a more rigid mechanical design, more mold sizes, fewer moving parts, advanced PLC-based control technology, and standardized components. These features combine to provide precision, reliability, and lower maintenance costs, and “an overall improved work environment,” Benton says.

It’s not the first time DISA and Benton Foundry have collaborated. In 2000, Benton took delivery of the first-ever 20x24 DISA Match 130, and in 2005 it added a second DISA 130, this one with core-setting features.

Now, Benton says that the additional molding capacity will balance its 300-ton-per-day melting capability, and allow it to expand its product range for cored and non-cored castings in the range of 100 to 250 lb.