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Nemak Scaling Back Output in Windsor

Jan. 13, 2009
GM production cut reduces engine block orders

Nemak’s aluminum engine block casting operation in Windsor, ON, will be idled January 19, as a result of General Motors Corp.’s capacity cuts and consequent decline in production requirements. In December, GM reduced its production plan by up to 300,000 units, which a Nemak spokeswoman indicates will represent a cut of about 51% in the Windsor plant’s production plans.

In Windsor, Nemak produces aluminum cylinder heads and engine blocks for GM and Ford Motor Co. A plant in nearby Essex, ON, has been scheduled to close in March. The Windsor plant is a one of 29 manufacturing facilities worldwide for the Monterrey, Mexico-based organization.

About 150 workers reportedly will be laid off once Nemak reduces its operations in Windsor. About 400 are due to lose their jobs once the Essex plant closes.