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Aluminum Castings Expansion to Double Output

Feb. 6, 2012
$2-million project for Illinois sand foundry

Illinois’ Aluminum Castings Corp. has outlined a $2-million expansion project to increase manufacturing space. The sand molding operation plans to add 11,500-ft2 of space, and may add up to 26 new workers as well. The details of the expansion have not been announced, but the project reportedly has a two-year timeframe.

The company has been in operation in Galesburg, IL, since 1964, and operates two gas-fired furnaces; shell sand, cold box, and oil sand coremaking processes; and green sand, air-set, and no-bake molding lines. Finished castings range in size from small to very large, and value-added services like heat-treating, painting, coating, and assembly are offered, too.

Last year, Aluminum Castings was acquired by Peoria-based Alcast Co., a permanent-mold aluminum foundry, and the two operate as affiliates now.

“Aluminum Castings casts several aluminum alloys in our aluminum casting process and our affiliation with Alcast allows us to offer customers a wider variety of aluminum castings options,” the company president Bret Markum stated. “We currently produce 70,000 lb/month at the facility and the expansion will allow us to double our production.”

Aluminum Castings approached the City of Galesburg for help acquiring the land needed for its expansion, which a local official indicated supplied in the interest of supporting local employment.