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Laempe CoreCenter machines are the foundation of a complete coremaking technology and service program

Expanding Core Capabilities

Jan. 21, 2011
Expanded coremaking line "Green” core shooters 24/7 service and spares

While it books new orders and completes new installations, LaempeReich Corp. continues to expand and improve its range of coremaking technologies and related services, including starting a new core production division, The CoreRoom. And, the recent mergers of Roperwerk and Hottinger into Laempe&Mössner GmbH will mean new opportunities in North America from Laempe Reich, including an expanded line of coremaking systems, a “green” line of core shooters, low-pressure diecasting, and related services. LaempeReich provides all sales, spare parts, and technical services for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. It evaluates core production needs and provides cost-effective solutions, for small jobbing foundries through to large-volume metalcasting operations.

Recent orders for Laempe LL series, LHB series, LB, and LFB series coreshooters indicate that the product line meets the needs of various types of foundries. The approach is “hands on”: LaempeReich evaluates the customer’s core production needs, existing production costs and tooling, and presents a solution that will provide the customer with the greatest ROI. The Laempe product range allows for many possibilities, and LaempeReich has the know-how and the tools to evaluate the best, most cost-effective solution for the customer’s bottom line.

Once the CoreCenter is installed, LaempeReich’s technical services department sets the standard in foundry equipment field service. The 24/7 service and parts hotline provides customers with confidence, and a service database allows for quick access to customer and machine histories. Each Laempe service technician is provided with remote access, anytime, from anywhere, to all Laempe machine documentation and programs. Spare parts are expedited the same day for fast delivery. A proprietary spare parts database allows LaempeReich’s technicians and parts personnel to gauge how customers are using their machine and perform the required preventive maintenance, interactively.

The CoreRoom, LaempeReich and ReichCompanies’ new division, is a fully operational core production facility maintained by people who understand core production. “We know what we sell ‘cause we run it, too,” David Reich explained. “The ability to know what uptimes are possible on our equipment, and how to achieve them are key, not only to our success at The CoreRoom, but also to each and every one of our Laempe CoreCenter customers. We know exactly what it takes. It’s a simple recipe to follow.”

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