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3D Printing 360 eNewsletter launches

Dec. 18, 2013
Travis Hessman, Technology Editor of IndustryWeek, launched new eNewsletter aimed at 3D printing and the additive manufacturing industry.

Friend and colleague  Travis Hessman has initiated a new venue to follow the fast-evolving world of 3D printing and "additive manufacturing," noting:

"To really understand 3-D printing, and to really track its value, you also have to look at it from the engineering perspective. And the design perspective. You need expert voices in supply chain and logistics, in foundry and machine tools. You need insiders in a new markets exploring the technology—whether that's in foods or farms or transportation.

You need, that is, far more than one magazine could possibly deliver.

And that's where the 3D Printing 360 comes in.

The idea was to scour the pages and digital resources of all of our sister publications across the Penton markets—from Medical Design to Farm Industry News—to find the big stories that are shaping the industry, as told by the real experts in the field.

It is, as the name implies, the first truly 360⁰ perspective on additive manufacturing—a collection of the best stories from the best dedicated sites in the industry."

As Travis states, "We're one issue in now—which you can view and share here—and the next issue is being assembled now.

To follow along with that progress, all you need to do is subscribe. It’s fast and free and easy."