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Rebranding for ATEK Emphasizes Technologies

June 30, 2014
Permanent mold foundry now known as ATEK Metal Technologies Advanced simulation modeling, tool design Castings for transportation, heavy-equipment, more

Iowa-based ATEK Companies recently renamed its ATEK Precision Castings operation, calling it ATEK Metal Technologies to reflect the permanent-mold foundry’s expertise producing cast aluminum parts and assemblies. 

“ATEK Metal Technologies has a well-earned reputation for delivering excellence through the use of advanced simulation modeling, tool design, leading-edge casting equipment and experienced foundry engineers,” stated CEO and president Mark Osmanski of the foundry at New Hampton, in the northeastern part of Iowa. “Our new name, brand identity and website will better communicate the broad range of technologies and capabilities we offer our customers.”

The foundry is an operating unit of ATEK Companies, which also includes DataKey (reprogrammable memory keys and tokens for controlling access and sharing data); Larco (industrial access technologies, e.g., mats, automated sensors, push-plates, etc.); and TankScan (wireless tank monitoring.)

ATEK Metal Technologies produces aluminum castings by low-pressure mold, semi-permanent mold, and gravity-poured casting methods, with 11 low-pressure permanent mold machines and six H3 and H5 tilt-pour casting machines.

The foundry’s customers manufacture castings for transportation and heavy-equipment production, as well as power sports and marine products and medical equipment production.

In addition to producing castings, ATEK Metal Technologies offers powder coating, finish machining, assembly, and plating.

In addition to the new company name, ATEK Metal Technologies has a new tag line — “State of the art in the art of metal” — and a new website,, where it promises to post white papers, case studies, technology-based documentation, and expert advice.