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BMW Honors ASK Chemicals for Innovation, ‘Sustainability’

Oct. 23, 2014
Collaborative effort to develop inorganic binders for high-volume metalcasting INOTEC™ adopted for aluminum blocks, cylinder heads Productivity, quality of the cast parts increase An incentive to R&D
Klaus Draeger, director of BMW AG’s Purchasing and Supplier Network (left) presents the BMW Supplier Innovations Award 2014 to Frank Coenen, CEO of ASK Chemicals.

Automaker BMW Group presented its “BMW Supplier Innovations Award 2014” at a ceremony earlier this month, to recognize various achievements and developments by suppliers to its operations. ASK Chemicals was recognized among eight companies as the most innovative suppliers in the category sustainability for the development of the INOTEC™ inorganic binders — which BMW has adopted for high-volume series production of aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads at its foundry in Landshut, Germany.

The prize was accepted by ASK Chemicals CEO Frank Coenen.

Implementing the INOTEC™ inorganic binders in an industrial-scale was a joint effort by BMW and ASK Chemicals, one that established new environmental and economic standards.

Inorganic core production at ASK CoreTech GmbH, in Moosburg, Germany.

“In the years of collaborative development between ASK Chemicals and BMW, the composition and manufacture of inorganic binders were perfected to such a degree that they were able to replace organic binder systems in high-volume series production. This has enabled the BMW Group to implement zero-emission foundries and to further improve working conditions for its employees. At the same time, productivity and the quality of the cast components have increased,” according to BMW’s statement, recognizing ASK Chemicals.

The results established by BMW and ASK Chemicals is considered a new standard for automotive foundries, one that other automakers have sought to replicate with the implementation of inorganic core production technology.

“The innovation award is an incentive for us to keep on researching and developing products, in order to bring these to industrial viability together with our partners. However, the idea and the innovative product are nothing without the resolute will of the user to successfully implement a new technology on an industrial scale,” offered Coenen, on accepting the award.