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EMI, Kuttner, Savelli in Long-Term Partnership

March 7, 2017
Agreement expands expanding capabilities and expertise of all three metalcasting suppliers Coremaking, molding, automation Melting, charging Green sand molding, handling
Cleveland-based Equipment Manufacturers International Inc. (EMI) announced it has a new long-term partnership agreement with Küttner Holding GmbH and Savelli Technologies (SavTech), expanding the capabilities and expertise of all three metalcasting industry equipment suppliers.

The length and other terms of the agreement were not announced.

EMI is a designer and manufacturer of technologies and machinery for coremaking, moldmaking, and mold handling, as well as the related automation technologies. Its manufacturing operations will serve Küttner Group’s and SavTech’s regional activities.

Küttner, a holding company headquartered in Essen, Germany, is active in iron and steelmaking, nonferrous metal recycling, and foundry equipment, among others. Its foundry technologies cover induction and cupola melting operations, including dosing and charging technologies and cranes.

Savelli Technologies, Brescia, Italy, is the successor to the long-established developer of green-sand molding operations (Savelli S.p.A.) It offers a range of horizontal flask molding technologies and sand preparation and return systems for casting iron, steel, and aluminum.

In February, Küttner became a shareholder in SavTech, which continues to operate independently.

According to EMI, combined experience of the three companies will expand on their traditional expertise, ensuring the necessary competencies for design, manufacturing, fabrication, installation, and commissioning — to the benefit of metalcasting customers.

“Combining the resources and expertise of EMI-Küttner-SavTech brings a necessary single source of design, supply, and service to the foundry industry,” according to EMI’s announcement.