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Arcadia Metalcraft
The Missouri diecaster specializes in lightweight structural parts for automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers, including electronic enclosures, valve bodies, carburetor bodies, brackets, airbag housings, levers, heat sinks, steering racks, steering jackets, and alternator frames.

New Name for Continental Casting: Arcadia Metalcraft

April 9, 2018
Rebranding to focus on lighter diecast and precision-machined automotive components

Arcadia Metalcraft is Monroe City, MO, automotive diecaster long known as Continental Casting. The supplier of lighteight structural parts to OEMs and Tier One suppliers is operating under new ownership: it stated that the new name reflects that change as well as its new “governance, investment, leadership and professional manufacturing focus.”

“Our new name reflects our new outlook and will herald to customers and the market that Continental has become a different and better company. A deeply committed workforce with a renewed company culture, Arcadia Metalcraft’s mission is to be a valuable and reliable partner that can be counted on to deliver best-in-class diecast components at competitive prices,” stated vice chairman Graham Furse.

According to the announcement, the new name was chosen to suggest sustainability ("through the pastoral connotations of Arcadia") and a commitment to delivering "quality work associated with a craftsman."

Arcadia Metalcraft produces aluminum, magnesium, and zinc diecastings, and offers engineering, machining, tool development, and medium-to-light assembly services.

“We intend to build on our heritage yet 'up our game' as a competitive, reliable supplier to meet the performance and quality requirements of the automotive and technology industries.  It comes down to setting higher standards for ourselves,” Furse added.

Along with its new name, Arcadia Metalcraft introduced a new logo and redesigned website.