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An ExOne Co. 3D-printed sand core.

Tooling/Prototype Supplier Adds 3D Sand Printing

May 2, 2024
A new ExOne S-Max Pro printer has Wisconsin-based Versevo offering printed sand cores, with speed, low cost, reduced scrap, and less assembly.

An ExOne S-Max Pro printer is now part of Wisconsin-based Versevo’s production portfolio, leading it to promise metalcasting customers it can supply “early development, low volume, and production sand cores faster and more economically” than is possible with conventional sand core-blowing methods.

“This process lowers costs for customers because the automated system eliminates the need for labor, reduces scrap, and is printed directly from 3D CAD data, therefore eliminating the need for physical tooling and core assembly operations,” stated Versevo’s CEO and President Terry Moon.

ExOne’s S-Max Pro is a binder-jet system that prints furan CHP-bonded sand to form shapes according to CAD-based designs, operating at up to 135 l/h (18 sec/layer) – meaning it can 3D print two full 1,800x1,000x700 (mm) job boxes, each with a volume of 1,260 liters, in just 24 hours.

A desanding station following the build sequence accelerates production rates further by reducing the time of the depowdering sequence.

Versevo also emphasizes its Midwestern location as a logistical advantage to foundry customers, allowing it to produce and deliver sand cores quickly, adopting design changes or consolidating complex shapes to reduce assembly steps and minimize process-related defects.

The Hartland, WI, business noted that 3D sand printing complements its established additive manufacturing capabilities for plastic and metal components.

Versevo provides design/engineering, toolmaking, and production services to foundries and diecasters, including process development engineering, part design, tool design, prototype and production tooling. It also produces low-pressure aluminum castings and offers production machining and foam molding services, and long list of other capabilities.

In addition, the company is a sales agent for Kurtz GmbH foundry equipment, which includes turnkey low-pressure casting machines, trim-press equipment, foam molding machines, foundry automation, and tooling.