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Citation Sees 20% of Revenue from Green Manufacturing

Says lost-foam casting is key to environmental goals

Metalcasting group Citation Corp. reports that it expects nearly 20% of its 2010 revenue will be derived from “environmentally-friendly markets and manufacturing processes.” The company names its lost-foam casting operations as a particular part of this plan, because that process reduces machining, material, and part complexity for finished castings, leading to lower-cost, lower-emission operations, and lighter finished products.

Earlier this year, Citation acquired the Foseco-Morval lost-foam foundry in Bessemer, AL, for an undisclosed price. The plant operates as a unit with Citation’s lost-foam foundry in Columbiana, AL, and Citation now claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of lost-foam castings.

“With an increased emphasis on launching sustainable solutions into the market, our lost-foam technology is one example of how we’re developing environmentally friendly products that our customers and end-consumers want,” stated Citation Corp. CEO Doug Grimm.

Citation points to other recent “green” initiatives as part of its outlook, including efforts with customers to develop designs for on-highway and off-highway EPA 2010-compliant engines, hybrid vehicles, and alternative energy applications.

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