Consultant Group Buys Pipe Fittings Manufacturer

California-based Water Solutions Inc. advises utilities, agribusiness

Water Solutions Inc., a California-based consulting group that specializes in drinking water treatment, ground water disinfection, and water storage projects, has purchased Braco Castings LLC in a cash and stock exchange for an unreported price. Braco produces high-pressure water pipe fittings used in purification and desalination equipment.

Braco Castings will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Water Solutions Inc., retaining its name, and its principals will remain with the organization for at least one year for management continuity.

Water Solutions Inc. provides consulting services to water utilities, industry, large estates, ranches, and agribusiness. It also offers water operator distribution and treatment exam preparation.

Water Solutions Inc. president and CEO Glenn Reynolds said the purchase “was strategically advantageous to ensure Braco’s full capacity was dedicated to our desalinators line, for which orders are outstripping fabrication capacity at present.”

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