EMI to Represent New Equipment Designer

SIIF established in place of SERF

Cleveland-based Equipment Merchants International Inc. (EMI) will be the exclusive NAFTA-region sales representative for SIIF. SIIF is a newly established company that custom designs casting trim presses, trim dies, casting test lines, de-coring equipment, sawing equipment, milling and grinding equipment and lost foam cleaning equipment.

Based in Caudan, France, SIIF was established by former employees of the now-defunct SERF organization. SERF had many installations of its equipment in North America, and EMI had been a representative of the former organization.

EMI supplies equipment and services for a variety of metalcasting processes. It offers coremaking systems, automated and standard molding systems, flasks, aluminum casting systems, gas generators, casting wedge units, robotic systems, and briquetting presses.

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