Thermal Systems for Core, Mold Drying Productivity

Conveyor ovens support heavy-duty production, reduce footprint, and offer heating flexibility, thermal consistency, and higher throughput

There are many factors involved in boosting productivity in sand casting operations, which typically have hundreds of process details to track and just as many variables to manage. In order to achieve highest throughput, these foundries must increase their rate of mold and core production, which means that the refractory coating — also known as a "mold wash" or "core wash" — on those products should be force-dried using a convection oven. These "sand core dryers," "mold dryers," or "core drying ovens" operate at 200°-400°F and dry molds or cores in 10 to 30 minutes, as opposed to 10- 20 hours needed for passive drying at ambient temperature.

Read the detailed report, "Innovations Enhance Mold Drying Effectiveness"

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