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The new RBRSSA8 robotic blast system has a Fanuc Robotics LR Mate200iD sixaxis robot mounted on the reinforced back wall of the blast chamber where it has greater reach and motion capability to accommodate the range of components to be processed

Robotic Blasting Machine for Shot or Grit

Nov. 10, 2014
Customized with 6-axis robot to process machined aerospace castings with greater reach, motion capability Crane-assisted loading/unloading Media reclamation/delivery system Customized HMI, pre-programmed blasting recipes

GUYSON CORPORATION introduced a new version of its RB-RSSA-8 robotic blast system, customized according to the special requirements for cleaning and surface preparation of machined aerospace castings using either shot or grit media.

The new model has a Fanuc Robotics LR Mate-200iD six-axis robot mounted on the reinforced back wall of the blast chamber, a position that allows greater reach and motion capability to accommodate the range of components to be processed by the customer. (In previous versions, a larger robot is mounted on a pedestal or hung from the roof of the cabinet.)

A 24-in.-diameter turntable is adapted to accept the component-holding fixtures for all parts to be blasted, and servomotor-driven so the radial orientation of the component is coordinated as a seventh axis by the robot’s R-30iB controller. A jib crane mounted to the roof of the blast enclosure and a rubber-flapped crane slot assist loading of heavy parts onto the table, which is designed with a weight capacity of 250 lb.

The media reclamation and delivery system of the custom RB-RSSA-8 robotic blasting machine is configured to enable separation of stainless steel shot and aluminum oxide grit media fed to two different pressure pots of 2.3-cu.ft. capacity. Depending on the particular components to be treated, an operator connects either the blast hose from the grit-blast pressure vessel or the shot-blast pressure pot.

Dust collection is provided by a single cartridge-type collector with an extraction value of 2,000 cfm designed and built by the robotic blast machine manufacturer.

The nozzle-manipulating robot is fitted with a custom-tailored suit made from laminated material with fabric and polymer film plies to isolate the precision articulated arm from the harsh abrasive environment of the blasting chamber. In operation, the seven-axis robotic blasting system executes the motion program for each different component with consistent accuracy, constantly maintaining the correct nozzle angle, stand-off distance and surface speed to produce an identical surface condition on all areas of the part, even as it follows the contours of complex-shaped components.

Quick access to pre-programmed recipes for dozens of different components, as well as real-time process data, such as blast pressure and media levels, is provided by a custom-designed touch screen human-machine interface (HMI). In addition to its process monitoring and control functions, the HMI displays production statistics and prompts for the performance of important maintenance activities or inspections that are driven by the total number of blasting hours.