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The ASCO Nanojet achieves precise efficient operation and operates with less noise

Fine-Grind Dry Ice Pellet Blasting

June 6, 2017
ASCO Nanojet incorporates a pellet grinder to achieve high-performance cleaning low consumption Less dry ice, compressed air New gun nozzle Optional integrated cutter

ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD. is addressing manufacturers’ demands for efficient, yet gentle cleaning processes by launching a new generation of dry-ice blasting machines, starting with the ASCO Nanojet. ASCO engineers have integrated a pellet grinder into the machine body, which crushes the dry ice pellets into finest dry ice particles. With this new device, much smaller pellets are blasted on the surface being cleaned, which ensures a precise, fast and consistent surface cleaning.

According to the developers, ASCO Nanojet was developed for plastics manufacturers but is suitable for almost every industrial application.

"Cleaning with crushed pellets is more economical because the consumption of dry ice and compressed air are reduced, thus less energy has to be spent on the acceleration of the pellets,” explained managing director Marco Pellegrino. “Thanks to the greatly reduced compressed air consumption, the ASCO Nanojet has a significantly reduced noise level, resulting in a more comfortable working environment and greater safety during operation."

With a newly developed gun nozzle and blasting gun with integrated cutter, both of which are included in the basic package, the ASCO Nanojet is an all-in-one system. An optional blasting gun with integrated cutter can be used to refine the dry-ice pellet further in the pellet grinder, which allows for even more “gentle” cleaning. The specially developed fine nozzles guarantee that the surface to be cleaned will not be damaged and, if desired, also allow blasting without any dismantling of components.

The vertically adjustable handle as well as the integrated grounding roll provide further advantages of the ASCO Nanojet. The grounding roll allows safe use during dry-ice blasting. The new and modern frame design, a distinctive blue control panel, a newly developed ergonomic blasting gun, and self-explanatory handling complement the unit.
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