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Aerodyne Environmental knife-gate valve segments

Knife-Gate Valves Control Bulk Material Flow

Sept. 4, 2017
StopTight devices are available in various sizes, for open hopper discharge or in-line use

AERODYNE ENVIRONMENTAL StopTight™ knife-gate valves can be used with a variety of dry materials and applications. A knife-gate valve is used to control flow in a bulk-material handling system, either in the line of flow or at the point of discharge. Using a linear motion, a blade advances until the passage is closed, or it withdraws until the passage is open. In the closed position, the knife gate valve is designed to seat tightly and prevent the loss of positive or negative pressure of the system. The system must be able to tolerate a loss of pressure when the valve is in the open position.

Knife-gate valves may be operated manually or pneumatically. In dry applications, they are suitable for low-pressure systems that can tolerate a loss of pressure.

Aerodyne StopTight™ knife-gate valves are available in various sizes, for open hopper discharge or in-line use, with some capable of closing through a static column of material. Manually operated valves in 8-, 10-, and 12-in. sizes are stocked and usually can ship within two to three business days. Additional sizes and pneumatic designs are available with longer lead times

The units are built with a cast aluminum housing, with a 304 stainless steel slideplate. A stainless-steel unit is available, too. The maximum temperature is 200°F; a higher-temperature (300°F) option is available

Aerodyne has a wide selection of knife-gate valves that can be used to handle a variety of materials and operating conditions, including manual valves as well as pneumatic valves for dust control. Learn more at