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Ross Aluminum Doubling Machining Operations

Oct. 7, 2008
Responds to demand for value-added castings, seeking new customers

Ross Aluminum Castings reports it plans to double the size of its machining operation in response to high-demand for value-added machining from current and new customers. The Sidney, OH, producer of aluminum castings for manufacturers of fuel pumps, hydraulic valves, and gear boxes for aerospace applications, is relocating its machine shop from a separate site to a renovated area of its main casting plant.

At the plant, the amount of floor space devoted to machining will be increased and three new CNC lathes will be installed.

Ross Aluminum Castings has been a unit of the Advanced Metals Group since last year, and the new owners say the latest investment will allow Ross Aluminum to stay current with the demands of its customers, while giving it the finishing capacity needed to seek new business.

Earlier this year, Ross Aluminum Castings expanded its permanent mold-casting capability with a new melting facility and pouring line, as well as a new robotic cell for knockout and sawing operations.

The machine shop expansion will be completed by the end of 2008.