Consortium Targets Labor Intensive Foundry Processes

New group links five companies in cleaning, finishing, inspecting castings

Finishing Technology Intl. LLC is a new company based in Atlanta that will offer cost-cutting products and services for cleaning, finishing, and inspecting castings — “the most labor-intensive areas in the foundry,” it announced. The group is a consortium of five European foundry equipment manufacturers working with a single North American sales organization.

The companies in the consortium are: Blastman, a developer of robotic air-blast casting cleaning systems; Inspectomation, a supplier of automated vision systems for mold, core, and casting inspection; Janke, a manufacturer of hydraulic press and robotic casting trimming and finishing equipment; Reichmann & Sohn, makers of mechanized casting grinding and cut-off machinery; and R. Scheuchl, which provides casting decoring, degating and finishing technology.

FTI will offer integrated services from these individual suppliers, and the group’s marketing efforts will be headed by Patrick Thomas, a foundry specialist. Contact FTI at Tel. 678-325-3982, or visit at

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