Turning Toughness Into Reliable Performance

In 2007 a foundry using a rotary drum shakeout system to break up sprue and separate sand from metal, needed a replacement. After many demanding rotations, this system needed to be replaced: The cast liner system in the drum had become worn out by excess wear, which caused the area between the liner body and the liner to become jammed with sprue and tramp metal. This disrupted the rotary process and accelerated further wear on the drum body.

General Kinematics recommended its DUCTA-SERIES rotary drum installation, which addressed the foundry’s foundry’s maintenance and engineering teams desire for reliable and effective performance, with a liner system that would be easier to maintain, and a drum body that would not need to patched frequently or replaced.

The DUCTA-SPRUE® rotary sprue mill with a heavy-duty bolt-in drum liner system, and a vibratory sand-return conveyor, were installed in combination provides patented rotary technology along with vibratory material transfer equipment that results in a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain system for processing sprue, gates, and core butts. The foundry finds that the combination of these two technologies fully addressed its previous maintenance concerns.
Click here to read the full details of the rotary drum's performance and reliability.

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