RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac is an addon capability for ABB RobotStudio the PCbased programming tool Its a portable platform for quick easy creation and editing of machine tending robot cells in a 3D virtual environment
RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac is an add-on capability for ABB RobotStudio, the PC-based programming tool. It’s a portable platform for quick, easy creation and editing of machine tending robot cells in a 3D virtual environment.

Programming Machine-Tending Robots

Simulation, validation, and optimization in 3D Machine-tending PowerPac device Customizable GUI

ABB ROBOTICS reported it drew on the experience gained with over 30,000 machine-tending robots to redevelop its robotic machine tending software. Now, it noted, the program it is introducing offers world-class flexibility and ease-of-use for tasks that include diecasting, injection molding, and machining.

Together, the new PC-based RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac and the new controller-based RobotWare Machine Tending software allow for simulation, validation, and optimization to be completed in a 3D virtual world, and then transferred directly to the real-world. Everything from cycle times to post processing capabilities to potential risks for collisions can be simulated before mistakes are made on the factory floor.

“As a company we put a lot of effort into creating solutions that are truly innovative and address real needs among our customers,” stated ABB Robotics’ machine tending specialists Terry Crunk. “With this new system of software we’ve hit many of the main considerations. It’s easy, fast and flexible to program machine tending cells and our control software is usable by even less skilled workers. These are things our customers are always requesting.”

RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac — an add-on for RobotStudio, ABB’s PC-based programming tool — provides a platform for quick, easy creation and editing of machine tending robot cells in a 3D virtual environment.  With a library of common grippers and station types, and built-in support for most machines and peripheral equipment, getting a cell up and running in the virtual world is easy.

In addition, safety is simplified with the capability to define safe home position movements in a virtual environment

RobotWare Machine Tendingis designed to be an effective, standalone, controller-based, programming, configuration and operation tool, but is also tightly integrated with the RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac. An intuitive and customizable graphical user interface allows for easy production monitoring and control, as well as automatic program and part selection. Although the interface has been designed so that less skilled personnel can control most common tasks, the software also provides unlimited access to powerful RAPID coding tools for more advanced users.


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