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Kollmorgen Safety Modules™ monitor standard feedback devices, such as resolvers, as well as both single- and multi-turn versions of EnDat™, BiSS, and HIPERFACE® devices.

Safe Motion Modules

Sept. 29, 2013
Combine Machine Safety logic and Safe Motion Monitor up to 12 axes, 15 different functions

KOLLMORGEN Safety Modules (KSM) are an expandable platform of devices for quickly and seamlessly integrating “safe motion” as part of Functional Safety-certified systems. “Safe Motion functionality allows machines to run in a safe manner when an operator is in the workspace, without stopping the machine by STO and causing unnecessary downtime,” explained Karl Pickan, a Kollmorgen Safety certified expert. KSM combines the functionality of a Safety PLC with Safe Motion functions into a compact system with Kollmorgen AKD® drives and automation controllers. This simplifies the integration of newer Safe Motion and sensor equipment.

KSM Safety Controllers are TŰV certified for machines that require ISO 13849 PLe and IEC 61508 SIL3 level functionality.

KSM is capable of fifteen different Safe Motion functions, including Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stops (SSX), Safe Limited Speed (SLS), Safe Limited Position (SLP), and Safe Brake Control (SBC), just to name a few.

The KSM functional safety system can monitor up to twelve axes simultaneously in a single system. Each module can safely monitor standard feedback devices, such as resolvers, as well as both single- and multi-turn versions of EnDat, BiSS, and HIPERFACE® devices.

KSM is designed to operate with Kollmorgen’s motors and transmission (such as gearing and actuation), servo- and inverter drives, and machine- and motion controllers. KSM can connect seamlessly and easily to EtherCAT, Profinet, and CANopen devices; thus allowing a general PLC or automation controller to connect into the safety system as well.

A wide range of KSM I/O expansion modules are available to draft architecture for the right functional safety subsystems for any machine, simply and quickly. Up to 200 safe inputs and outputs are possible on a single module.