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Godfrey & Wing Expands X-Ray Inspection

April 23, 2018
The porosity specialists now have two locations, for large-volume inspection or individual diagnostic projects

Godfrey & Wing has added X-ray inspection capability to its operation in Toledo, OH, adding to its resources for defect detection on finished castings. The Toledo operation complements Godfrey & Wing’s X-ray inspection installation in Defiance, OH, and together the two locations offer flexibility for large-volume inspection or individual diagnostic projects, for automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Cleveland-based Godfrey & Wing specializes in vacuum-impregnation systems and services that provide surface conditioning and treatment to seal porosity and other voids in cast metal surfaces, to prevent the migration of fluids or gases out of or into a manufactured component.

It noted that the Toledo operation works with automotive OEMs and suppliers to establish criteria for acceptable levels of casting porosity and other anomalies. Trained X-ray technicians inspect parts and provide images and data to document the size and location of any defects. Non-conforming parts are isolated and removed from production at an early stage. 

The new X-ray system has been certified by the Ohio Department of Health for safety, Godfrey & Wing noted.

“The expansion of our X-ray services allows us to rapidly identify areas of concern in the casting before porosity causes catastrophic failure in the production cycle,” according to Nick Chapman, operations manager. “This enables OEMs to eliminate potential hidden costs and production delays of scrapped castings caused by porosity.” 

The 21,000-sq.ft. Toledo operation opened in 2009, offering vacuum-impregnation and pressure-integrity testing services to automotive manufacturers. It will continue to provide those capabilities, as well as X-ray inspection.