Aluminum Industry States Position on Climate Change

Following the Aluminum Association's members meeting in Washington DC, the trade association — which represents primary and secondary producers, as well as their suppliers — announced the aluminum industry's position on "climate change" policies.

"We believe that it is important for the U.S. aluminum industry to assume a leadership position in this cause for environmental sustainability of our industry and products, on a market-wide and global basis," stated Patrick Franc, chairman of the Aluminum Association.

"The aluminum industry in the U.S. has made considerable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), offering both experience and a positive track record in this cause. Our contribution though recycling and downstream emissions reductions, through better, less emitting automobiles, will help the U.S. and other countries protect the environment," said Steve Larkin, Aluminum Association president.

The Association points out that the industry's primary operations and reclamation systems have reduced the overall energy consumed by U.S. aluminum production by approximately 46%, reducing GHG by approximately 38%. And, the industry says it recognizes opportunities for further reduction, and supports policies that provide incentives for recycling.

In addition to highlighting the industry's achievements, the position details its stance on regulatory standards, and recommends policies to offset the negative economic effects of emission reduction efforts.

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