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Compared to conventional rider sweepers which control dust at the main broom only the SW8000 with DustGuard increases productivity by over 70 according to NilfiskAdvance product manager Erich Schroeder

Rider Sweeper for Dust Control

Feb. 3, 2013
Side brooms control fugitive dust Kubota engines for all fuel types Easy-to-use, one-touch controls

ADVANCE introduced the SW8000, its newest industrial-sized rider sweeper. Featuring a 50-inch main broom—the widest in this sweeper class—and DustGuard side broom dust suppression system, the SW8000 provides the widest dust controlled sweeping path in the industry. The unprecedented dust-control capability is made possible by the patent-pending DustGuard dust suppression system, which attacks dust at the greatest source of power sweeper fugitive dust—the side brooms.

“The Advance SW8000 takes power sweeping to the next level,” stated Nilfisk-Advance product manager Erich Schroeder. “Compared to conventional rider sweepers, which control dust at the main broom only, the SW8000 with DustGuard increases productivity by over 70%, allowing our customers to complete large sweeping jobs in considerably less time without the problem of fugitive dust.”

In addition to superior dust control, the SW8000 provides quiet, smooth and reliable operation with reduced maintenance costs are achieved with Kubota® engines for all fuel types. Also, its “easy-to-use, one-touch controls” minimize operator training. The Clear-View design offers operators a comfortable and safe view of the side brooms and the front of the machine.

Enhanced operator safety with hopper safety-arm engagement from the operator seat, and impact-absorbing, roto-molded body structure with an integral 5-mph bumper.

The SW8000 is designed for industrial environments, with for a range of applications, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and numerous others.