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U.S. Metalcasting Industry testifies before International Trade Commission

Oct. 28, 2004
Examining extent of harm done by foreign competition

Members of the U.S. Metalcasting Industry testified before the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) on October 14 as part of the Section 332 Investigation.

The Section 332 fact-finding investigation is to determine the extent to which U.S. metalcasters have been harmed by low-price competition from foreign companies. A survey of over 1,000 U.S. producers of metal castings was distributed as the first part of the investigation, which was followed by surveys dispersed to U.S. purchasers of castings and foreign producers of castings importing components to the United States.

Represented by 11 U.S. metalcasting speakers and three industry representatives, the group gave first-hand descriptions of their segment of the industry, products that they produce, competitive conditions in the marketplace, and the obstacles facing their portion of the industry.

The hearings covered the differences in technologies; price pressures, environmental and health and safety issues, raw materials pricing; understanding how to measure the growth or decline in U.S. sales and production; which countries posed the greatest threat, and in what markets; export competitiveness; and what the industry hopes to gain from Section 332.

Once Section 332 is complete, the U.S. metalcasters can use the final published report to further trade action against foreign competitors, to pursue tariffs, quotas, antidumping duties, and other trade remedies.