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Challenged, but Still Promoting Growth and Prosperity

Aug. 18, 2020
The Casting Industry Suppliers Assn. members continue to support each other to facilitate growth and prosperity in the foundry industry — and making assessments concerning our industry’s circumstances during this time.

Not long since we celebrated 100 years as a metalcasting supplier organization in 2018, the current year has delivered a major challenge to the Casting Industry Suppliers Association. CISA member companies continue to support each other to facilitate growth and prosperity in the foundry industry. Major changes in certain markets along with the recent effects of the COVID-19 pandemic certainly have caused a major disruption for our members. We are continually making assessments concerning our industry’s circumstances during this time — and in particular how we will proceed to organize our meetings and conferences. As the conditions become clearer, the CISA activities will be posted online at — or our members will receive email updates.

CISA recently updated the statistics program, which tripled the membership participation. Following strict “by-laws and membership Code of Ethics” the group keeps track of market statistics, trends and credit activity. This informative information helps CISA members maintain and supply the highest quality materials, equipment, and systems in the industry.

CISA officers and Board of Directors are involved with the Foundry Industry and bring forward help and changes to our organization that keep us ahead of the curve. They are providing guidance to help us continue to be the best suppliers.

The CISA organization extends thanks Steve Ryan, Badger Mining Corp., who will complete his second year as our organization’s President. He is one of the special individuals who is devoting his time to help make CISA better.

In addition, CISA recognizes and expresses appreciation to:
Mike Bartol
, MTI - American Colloid, Immediate Past President
Claude Hutchens
, General Kinematics Corp., First Vice President
Bryon Barber
, Canfield & Joseph Inc., Second Vice President
Dale Welsh
, Hill & Griffith Co., Director and Credit Liaison
Nathan Wollenburg
, Prince Minerals LLC,  Director
Sam Erkonen
, Howe & Hutton, Legal Counsel

We value our long relationship with Foundry Management & Technology and CISA thanks them for the opportunity to sponsor the August issue and communicate with the industry. Thank you, too, for the support that FM&T has provided over many years and allowing this forum for CISA to reach our membership and the foundry industry.

Mark Ziegler is the Executive Director of the Casting Industry Suppliers Assn., and has been active in the metalcasting industry for over 40 years. He worked with Unimin Corp. for over 30 years in quality and technical service positions. Mark is the past chairman of the AFS Division 4 Executive Committee (Molding Methods and Materials), and twice chaired the Green Sand Additives Committee. He has been awarded the AFS Service Citation and Ezra Kotzin Award.