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CastExpo 10 Preview

Feb. 18, 2010
A week in the sun never sounded so good. For metalcasters enduring weak demand and idle production, the fresh ideas and technical insights upcoming at CastExpo will seem even more welcome than a few days of warm weather and relaxation.
CastExpo’10 Schedule
Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL
Sat., March 20 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sun., March 21 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Mon. March 22 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tues., March 23 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

For Cast Expo’10, hundreds of exhibitors are booked to display new equipment and supplies, ready to respond to the emerging demand for lean and green technologies, and to promote productivity for their customers. The highlights of their exhibits are presented on the following pages.

But, CastExpo is a technology event, too. Over the four days of this year’s event the planners have scheduled more than 150 research presentations, in addition to workshops and seminars on the range of process technologies. The program is scheduled in “tracks” according to metals, production process, or practical pursuit. These include: aluminum; iron; casting design; copper alloys; diecasting; engineering; environmental health and safety; lost foam casting; magnesium; marketing; melting methods and materials; molding methods and materials; and steel.

Photo courtesy of Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.®

The technical program also includes three special workshops:

  • “Cost Reduction and Quality Increase — A Formula for Success,” will be presented by Prof John Campbell of the Univ. of Birmingham, in England. This workshop will address concepts regarding filling and feeding of molds, for all metals in all casting processes, and how to reduce scrap, raise quality, and reduce costs.
  • “Quality Tools: Abused, Misused and Too- Little-Used Tools,” to be presented by Ted Schorn of Enkei America. This will be a review of tools for addressing quality, environmental, and safety problems, including a look at common mistakes and ways to use new tools for frequent casting problems.
  • “Lean Manufacturing for Metalcasters,” will be presented by Frank E. Peters, Ph.D., Iowa State University. He will discuss the principles of lean manufacturing and how to apply them for metalcasting operations.

A highlight of every CastExpo is the presentation of the Hoyt Memorial Lecture. This year, the lecture by ThyssenKrupp Waupaca Inc. president Gary Gigante on Tuesday, March 23, will be titled “How Can We Become a Practical Green Foundry Industry?” It will examine the barriers that prevent metalcasting from being “green,” and identify the new technologies that are needed to overcome those barriers

ABP Induction
ABP Induction quality induction melting, holding, and pouring equipment, such as the IFM-6, will be on display. The 8.4- metric ton coreless induction furnace features an open cage and segmented coil design advanced features that improve electrical efficiency and maximize productivity. ABP Induction also will show the low-profile exhaust hood assembly that provides emissions control throughout the entire melting cycle.

Aftek-EHS LLC manufactures specialty welding and heating power sources and controls. The newest model of air arc gouging power supplies, the MV2400G-2, is a heavy-duty power source, capable of 2,450 volts at 42 volts DC, and large enough to cut with 1-in. carbon electrodes. In addition, our smaller gouging machines range from 500 to 1850 A, and all units have a 60VDC.

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic
A range of services and equipment will be featured, including induction melting and holding furnaces, power supplies, aftermarket support products and services, and used or refurbished induction melting equipment. Also: energy-efficient ATM equipment, such as solid-state power units with both SCR and IGBT controls; Jet Flow channel inductors; and BPD coreless furnaces. Customer care and PM programs designed to increase induction equipment uptime, and installation of new or used equipment will be shown, too.

Allied Metal Co.
Allied Metal is one of the largest smelters of aluminum and alloyers of zinc for diecasters and foundries serving appliance, automotive, electronics, furniture, hardware, housewares, sporting goods and toy industries. Allied Metal’s innovation and expansion demonstrates ongoing commitment to provide quality metals and superior service.

American Colloid
ACC will exhibit the new Lovox chemical binder systems for mold and core making. These urethane-based resin systems cut odors and emissions significantly, with excellent thermal stability and superior shakeout properties. As a supplier of bentonite clays and green sand bond pre-blends, ACC produces and distributes specialty sands, as well as briquetted cupola alloy products.

American Metalcasting Consortium / E-SMARRT
The American Metalcasting Consortium is a partnership of the American Foundry Society, North American Diecasting Association, Steel Founders Society of America, and the Non-Ferrous Founder’s Society managed by ATI. AMC unites industry, academia, and government to develop/ apply new technologies that will rapidly deliver high-quality, cost-effective cast parts to support the military and industrial sectors. The Energy-Saving Melting and Revert Reduction Technology (E-SMARRT) is a partnership of AFS, NADCA, and the SFSA, also managed by ATI.

Applied Process Inc.
Applied Process pioneered development of new, better, and cost-efficient austempering technologies, such as: austempered ductile iron, which weighs less than aluminum and costsless than steel; carbo-austempered steel, featuring remarkable impact and fatigue properties; carbidic austempered ductile iron, with greater wear-resistance than Grade 5 ADI; austempered steel, a tough alternative to quench and temper processes; and austempered gray iron, with excellent dampening and wear-resistance.

Arena-flow LLC
Arena-flow offers customized sand core engineering solutions. Whether you’d like to eliminate scrap, increase productivity, minimize capital costs, reduce consumable usage or optimize an entire core package, experienced engineers can help you to meet your objectives. The Arena-flow Sand Core Engineering technology is available via software licensing or engineering services.

Ashland Casting Solutions
Ashland Casting Solutions metalcasting consumables and services help foundries to produce the highest quality castings at the lowest cost. Several new technologies will be presented, including: The Pep Set® Q I 4180/Q II 6180 binder system, part of a new phenolic urethane no-bake binder family, provides low odor and smoke at pouring, cooling and shakeout, with high performance; and Ashland’s Veino Ultra® RS is a patent-pending sand additive engineered to reduce veining and penetration at significantly lower addition levels.

B&L Information Systems
Odyssey empowers you with the information you need to make better decisions faster. Odyssey provides a combination of metalcasting-specific information and business cycle management in one software. Intelligent Views is B&L’s business intelligence tool that allows you to turn large amounts of data into an executive dashboard, a customer portal, a shop floor data center, and much more. Odyssey SAAS is the only metalcasting-specific business solution offered as a hosted application via a monthly subscription.

Badger Mining Corp.
Badger Mining supplies high-purity round-grain silica core and molding sands, in gradations from 45 to 120 GFN. Custom gradations also are available. Our mines and corporate office are ISO9001:2008- registered by BSI. Our well-equipped labs perform functional tests for green sand, no-bake, hot box, and cold box binder systems, and chemical and mineralogical analysis, too.

Borescopes-R-Us manufactures and rents borescope and videoscope equipment for various industries and applications. We offer repair services on any brand videoscope, flexible or rigid borescope, with free repair estimates. We offer overnight shipping to most destinations in the continental U.S. Test our quality and pricing.

Capital Refractories Inc.
Materials, technologies, enhanced practices and processes specifically for induction melting. We have introduced technologies that have had significant positive impacts on scrap rates, metal cleanliness, alloy return, metal fluidity, refractory wear patterns, consistency of refractory installation, and speed of reintroduction of melting units back into production. Our success is due to a combination of products developed in partnership with foundries, introductions and improvements to technologies, and a high level of technically biased service.

Carbo Ceramics
CarboAccucast ceramic media products provide an alternative to sands, engineered for performance and value. They possess thermal, mechanical, and uniform shape properties that enhance casting quality and capability, eliminating or reducing the occurrence of various casting defects (veining, penetration, gas, burn-on, etc.) Available in intermediate and low densities, these environmentally friendly products are proven compatible with aluminum, gray, ductile, and white iron, steel, etc.; for lost foam, shell, no-bake, v-process, and green sand processes.

Carpenter Brothers
Carpenter Brothers foundry supplies and equipment include metals and Ferro-alloys, sand additives, pre-blends, specialty sands, chemical binders, abrasives, refractories, and many more. Our line includes sand preparations, heaters and coolers, continuous mixers and mullers, automated core and molding machines, shakeout and material handling conveyors, sand reclaimers, and melting furnaces. Also, turnkey foundry systems and engineering, and products, equipment, and services for diecasting, environmental, blast cleaning, and surface finishing.

Carrier Vibrating Equipment
The patented Delta Phase Shakeout improves efficiency by lowering maintenance costs, reducing or eliminating casting damage, and maximizing sand removal. With the ability to change speed and/or angle of attack, the Delta Phase Shakeout handles various molding processes, mold sizes, metal types, and casting designs — and is capable of on-the-fly adjustments. It accommodates sand to metal ratios from 5:1 up to 60:1.

Chem-Trend L.P
Chem-Trend Safety-Lube® die lubricants perform at high efficiency, and reduce waste without impacting performance; Power-Lube® plunger lubricants help extend shot sleeve and plunger tip life; and the new Dilution Monitoring Device (DMD), provides automatic control of the dilution ratio of the die lubricant and continuously updates dilution information to plant supervisors and management.

Didion Intl. / Conveyor Dynamics
Didion will feature its new line of rotary foundry equipment, as well as its new rotary dross/metal reclaimer. The patented design crushes, cleans, separates, and screens to reclaim valuable metallics in one step, and lower operating and maintenance costs up to 80%. Rotary media drums, lump crusher/ sand reclaimers, sand blending/cooling drums, and rotary sprue cleaners also will be displayed. Conveyor Dynamics will feature its line of vibratory foundry equipment, including mold dump conveyors, sand screeners, sorting conveyors, and indexing furnace charging feeders with batch weighing, shot blast feeders, shakeouts, slag quenching conveyors, and casting cooling conveyors.

DISA, the leader in green sand molding solutions, has merged with Wheelabrator, the leader in surface preparation technology. We look forward to demonstrating our shared aim: to reduce your cost per cast part. Video and animation presentations will feature DISAMATIC and DISA MATCH molding machines and Wheelabrator shot blast solutions.

Equipment Merchants Intl.
EMI is celebrating 28 years as a foundry equipment designer, manufacturer, technical advisor for installations and start-ups, equipment inspections/reviews, remanufacturing, and spare parts along with turnkey systems. Our company now includes recognized brands like Osborn, SPO, CE Cast, IMPACT, Sutter, Herman, and Brock, among others, and we represent SIIF casting systems, Magaldi Superbelt conveyors, and Viking blast and wash systems.

ETA Engineering
ETA Engineering specializes in design, fabrication and complete turnkey installation of environmental air pollution control systems.
Celebrating our 28th year, ETA has a full discipline of engineers who have extensive design and installation expertise in air pollution control systems including close capture hoods, acid gas control, on-line hazardous waste neutralization and cupola emission control. Emphasis is always placed on clients’ needs and system requirements, with consideration to budget restriction and need for a maintenance friendly process.
ETA Engineering owns/operates our on site fabrication/paint facility allowing us to assure quality and tolerances. The Eta 2000 offers high collection efficiencies demanded by today’s stringent environmental regulations. The Eta 2000 collector features welded construction, low-maintenance design, exacting tube sheet hole tolerance that provides a positive bag seal and guaranteed performance.

Flow Science
FLOW-3D® CFD software takes trialand- error out of casting design with advanced physical models that precisely simulate the casting process. It provides engineers and designers with a powerful tool to enhance their experience and expertise thus providing savings come from cost reductions and cost avoidance. FLOW-3- D’s new core gas model enables users to monitor binder degradation in cores and realize optimal core venting strategies.

Foseco manufactures proprietary consumable products and solutions. We improve operations and businesses with innovative products and services, developing and commercializing the best ideas from customers, employees, and our labs to help customers reach the highest level of performance. As part of Vesuvius, we now offer flow-control and refractory products for melting and metal transfer. Our U.S. facilities offer computer simulation, testing, and analysis for current business or new applications.

Foundry Solutions & Design
FS&D provides complete foundry engineering and consulting services, and develops recommendations for customized, high-performance manufacturing systems for melting, coremaking, molding, material handling, and finishing. With significant casting processing and facility knowledge, in-house and through our international partner Blastman, FS&D customers are well served with the experience gained from many years in the foundry industry.

General Kinematics
GK will display the all-new Vibra-Claim Shakeout/Attrition mill, as well as other vibratory and rotary technologies. GK partners with customers to provide process equipment that improves throughput, increases profitability, and reduces energy and maintenance costs. Each piece of GK equipment is custom engineered to meet process objectives. GK experts apply foundry processing knowledge to solve the most difficult process challenges — from scrap yard to shipping — developing new solutions every day.

GreenSand Controls LLC
Green sand preparation equipment and tight-flask molding equipment for metalcasting. On display will be our ETA3000 automatic bentonite control system, as well as a 5ft3 pneumatic transporter and our new 6ft3 expandable volumetric feed system. Our new reactive multi-piston hydraulic molding head can be used to upgrade tight flask molding machines to the lasted squeeze head technology.

Greenerd Press & Machine Co.
Greenerd hydraulic presses include trim presses ranging from a simple, manuallyloaded press to complete, fully automated systems for trimming, testing, inspecting, and SPC documentation. The presses and systems ensure consistent finishing, variation reduction in finished castings, and significant scrap reduction due to grinding errors. Product capability ranges up to 1,000 t and bed sizes up to 150 in. Additional press styles include gap frame and straight side to die-spotting and forging, configurable to 10,000 t and bed sizes over 240 in.

Harman Products Inc.
Harman custom machined components are offered steel, brass, aluminum, and plastics, in any quantity. We also manufacture the Sterling line of pins and bushings for foundry flasks and patterns, along with pallet car rollers, chill pins and other related machined parts. We have a catalog of ‘standard’ stocked items, however the majority of products are manufactured to customer specifications. We are active in contract machining.

Heraeus Elecrtro-Nite
Heraeus Electro-Nite will display some of the latest sensor technologies for molten metal process control, including the Digitemp E for advanced temperature measurement, and the DT270DL digital handheld temperature instrument. Our R&D team consistently achieves advancements in existing technologies, pioneering development of thermocouples, measuring probes, samplers, and related instrumentation. Heraeus Electro-Nite systems are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified. Our repair lab meets ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for instrument calibration.

From the sand system to the cleaning room, there is a Hi-Vac or Ultra-Vac model to handle the job. Whether it’s a forklift portable Model 250 cleaning out the shakeout pit, a self-propelled Model 105 driving along the molding lines, or a Model 320 recovering shot in the cleaning room, count on Hi-Vac industrial vacuum cleaners to provide reliable performance for years to come. To keep your HiVac running best, we stock parts for same-day shipping when required. Our field service techs perform everything from an oil change to a complete rebuild, on site or at the factory.

Hi-Tech Ceramics / Sd-Chemie
Hi-Tech Ceramics reticulated ceramic foam filters are produced in a wide range of pore sizes and compositions, including zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide, mullite, and fused silica for all ferrous and nonferrous casting requirements. Custom shapes and sizes are our specialty. Our filters remove oxide inclusions to clean the molten metal and reduce turbulence to provide a laminar flow of metal into the mold cavity.

IMPCO IMPCO permanently seals and repairs large castings and other parts. For any large leaking part or component, IMPCO provides the engineering, the technical personnel, and all the necessary materials and equipment, on-site or at an IMPCO Service Center. On a contract basis with virtually no limitations on size, weight, or wall thickness, parts will be inspected, sealed, leak-tested — and returned to productive use quickly and economically.

Inductotherm will display all of its product lines for induction melting, holding, heating and pouring systems for nearly all metals. These include coreless and channel-type induction melting and holding furnace systems, induction power suppliers, charging conveyors, preheaters, melt shop computer controls, automatic pouring equipment, and the new Automated Robotic Melt Shop (ARMS) systems. Offering complete solutions for all metals, Inductotherm stands ready to introduce customers to the innovative systems that will help reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance safety in foundries and melt shops.

Konica Minolta
The all-new Konica Minolta RANGE7 non-contact 3D digitizer features the revolutionary “dark surface mode,” which will reduce inaccuracies and increase efficiency while remaining friendly to the environment. It enables measuring objects with reflectance as low as 2.5%, without special darkrooms or spraying, achieving the highest level low-reflectance performance. The launch of RANGE7 coincides with the formation of the Konica Minolta’s new 3D Scanning and Engineering Service division.

KOST USA produces the highest quality factory mutual-approved fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (AchievAL FRH), using the best raw materials and additives, and under ISO 9002 standards to exceed the latest specifications. AchievAL FRH consistently provides the lowest pump wear rates in the industry as measured by the standard ASTM D 7043 test performed by independent labs. We offer many industry and equipment specific services, including hydraulic fluid analysis.

LaempeReich Rugged construction, uptime, repeatable performance, thousands of machines and millions of cycles has made Laempe the perfect choice for small job-shops to high-capacity foundries. The entire core production process is controlled from a single process controller. The CoreCenter runs your vertical and horizontal tooling or combinations — up to six parts — with a simple conversion. The gas generator and mixer accept any gas-cured process. Installation supervision, shipping, and project management included.

LECO Corp.
Foundries around the world trust LECO to deliver high-tech solutions for elemental determination and metallographic analysis. Learn how you can determine C/S/N/O/H in numerous metals and inorganic applications by combustion/fusion, or perform bulk analysis in ferrous and nonferrous metals using glow discharge-atomic emission spectrometry. See our sectioning machines and grinder/polisher systems, and learn about our new time- and cost-saving polishing films.

Loramendi’s automated, custom tailored, designed, and manufactured coremaking technologies cover all core process technologies (cold box, hot box, and inorganic), in vertical and horizontal parted core boxes. Machine sizes range from 25 to 1,000 liters blow capacity, and can be supplied with all additionally required equipment. In conjunction with Gevitec, Loramendi supplies small core machines in the 10 to 25 liter range. The flaskless vertical molding machine is an alternative for 300 to 500 molds/hour.

Messe Dusseldorf/GIFA 2011
Messe Dusseldorf will promote several of its trade fairs, including GIFA 2011 and NEWCAST 2011 (June 28- July 3, 2011). Exhibitor and visitor information for will be available. GIFA 2011 will provide a complete overview of advances for the world’s manufacturers of foundry machinery and plant construction, suppliers and manufacturers. NEWCAST 2011, devoted solely to casting products, is a platform for designers, engineers, production managers and buyers of finished casting products.

Milward Alloys Inc.
Milward Alloys products include phosphorus-copper as well as titanium grain refiners and Strontium modifiers. Available in waffle ingot and bulk or bagged shot, phosphorus-copper is provided in three grades of 15% phosphorus-copper for use as a deoxidant, alloying agent, or wetting agent in the copper industry. Milward also supplies 8% phosphorus-copper for use as a nucleant for aluminum. Milward’s titanium grain refiners provide consistent improved mechanical strength and soundness of the casting.

Morgan Molten Metal Systems
MorganMMS’ expertise in manufacturing crucibles gives the company special engineering insight into building crucible furnaces and accompanying foundry products. We’ll display several products designed to optimize and automate your diecasting facilities, such as degassing rotors, stopper rods, ladle bowls, launders, and others.

New Century Heaters

Immersion heating elements made of heavy gauge ICA wire on cast ceramic cores guarantee wire spacing to evenly distribute the heat. Extra heavy leads provide trouble-free connections. Properly designed immersion heated furnaces eliminate corundum and do not super-heat the surface, reducing hydrogen absorption and aluminum-oxide formation. In holding furnaces, immersion heaters more efficiently transfer heat into the dip well. Power requirements are 25-30% less than glow bar furnaces with significant reduction in melt loss and improvement in metal quality.

Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society
Metalcasting pros need a proven resource that delivers valuable operations and management solutions that promote efficiency and profitability in their business. The NFFS is the premier membership organization for non-ferrous metalcasters. The membership value equation is simple: member benefits focused on regulatory compliance and business development, Industry focused information providing relevant data to help you make educated decisions, and organizational responsiveness provide the most valuable and effective association programming available.

Palmer Manufacturing & Supply Inc.
Palmer Manufacturing & Supply Inc. has introduced RFID tags to its standard line of CM-Series for economical blowing of no-bake and cold box cores. CM-Series CoreMaker™ with RFID increase jobbing productivity – with single or dual operator stations. They offer easy positioning with laser alignment; have programmable blow pressure to fine-tune each core; make cores and molds in one machine; feature heavy-duty clamping table and cylinders; and have full PLC controls of any continuous or batch mixer.

PANalytical supplies XRF and XRD instruments, with a full range of OBLF optical emission spectrometers. All OBLF spectrometers feature a vacuum optical path, solid-state spark generator, and patented automatic spark stand cleaning. The GS 1000 is a 0.5-m instrument capable of ~30 channels; the VeOS is a 0.5-m spectrometer with custom-manufactured solid-state detectors; the QSN 750 features a 0.75-m optical path and approx. 60 channels.

Power Adhesives
Power Adhesives will introduce a series of new hot-melt adhesive formulations, including a new lost foam adhesive. Ideal where sand cores are fixed together and assembled, the hot melt adhesives bond instantly and more efficiently without any wait time or use of solvents compared to other fixing systems, such as water-based glues or screws. Products on display include TEC 3200, TEC 6100, and TEC 810 glue guns — for both cold and hot processes, according to global industrial and safety standards.

Pyrotek’s metal processing solutions and its Solutions Team of engineers and product specialists will explain how to improve profitability, operating efficiencies, enhance quality, save energy, and promote a safer environment. Learn about the range of degassing and filtration solutions available. Metaullics molten-metal transfer pumps and melt treatment equipment feature patented lightweight, durable, insulating, non-wetting composite RFM auto pour ladles, and an array of metal quality enhancement products also will be on display.

Rimrock high-quality automation solutions reduce production costs. We’ll show the latest technology and service offerings, including a finishing cell for ABB’s Force Control product. This technology boasts higher consistency, improved product quality, and prolonged tool life while reducing programming and cycle times. Rimrock’s manual bottom-pour ladle system can be mounted to a manipulator, hoist, or jib crane. This system provides the benefits of bottom pouring, without the added cost of a robot.

Robocasting Enterprises LLC
Lattice filters for molten metal are engineered assemblages of ceramic struts that provide a superior combination of reproducible flow, tortuous paths, exceptional strength, and no debris. Materials include alumina, mullite, zirconia, and more. Patented technology allows for fabrication of many geometries and sizes previously unattainable.

The Schaefer Group Inc.
Ultra Low Energy Immersion Element furnaces are designed to hold metal at temperature, for less energy, less casing temperature and less maintenance. Custom designs and long service make these perfect for diecasters and foundries looking to hold clean metal at the machine at temperature. If your melting furnace consumes too much natural gas, see us: virtually maintenance free and capable of energy savings up to 25%, the ultra efficient heat exchangers could be your solution.

Shengquan Group
SQ is a ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified producer of foundry resins, ceramic filters, and coatings used globally in over 50 countries. State-of-the-art facilities on a 1,200-acre site produce over 300,000 mt/year of resin. The leading producer of furfuryl alcohol and furan resin, its resins are produced using a new process in computer-controlled, 30-ton reactors. The result is an extremely consistent, high-quality resin. SQ produces over 4 million filters annually, making it the largest producer of ceramic foam, pressed, and fiber filters in the world.

SPECTRO Analytical
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments designs and produces OES, for arc and spark excitation to determine chemical composition of metallic samples. Due to speed and inherent accuracy, Arc/Spark OES systems are the most effective tool for controlling alloy processing. SPECTRO offers stationary and portable instruments to meet any requirements. Part of the AMETEK Materials Analysis division, SPECTRO will the xSORT for handheld XRF analysis, SPECTROLAB, SPECTROMAXx, and SPECTROTEST.

Synchro32 is a cast metal software provider, including ERP/MRP and production control systems. Integrated solutions are designed specifically for the distinctive requirements of foundries, investment casting, diecasting, and cast metal manufacturers. Synchro32 provides an all-in-one inclusive package — all integrated modules, complete technical support, system upgrades, industry-specific report pack, and no upfront fee.

Tecpro Corp.
Tecpro, a subsidiary of Sd-Chemie AG, will present specialty alloys, inoculants, cored wire, and refractory coatings. Tecpro’s Optigran and Germalloy solid cast mold inoculants are used worldwide to produce high-quality gray and ductile iron castings. Custom formulated cored wires are used for the treatment and post-inoculation of ductile iron. Tecpro produces water-based and alcohol-based refractory coatings using unique refractory systems and applications technology, including our newest hybrid family of products.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
The latest Niton handheld XRF analyzers, the Niton XL2 Series, instantly regain lost material traceability. Purpose-built for alloy analysis anywhere, anytime, with accurate results available in seconds, it provides significant cost savings. Easy-to-use, the nondestructive instruments provide integral storage of all test results in a tamperproof data format. They come standard with Thermo Scientific Niton Data Transfer software, a suite of data management utilities allowing users to set operator permissions, print certificates, or operate the analyzer remotely.

Transmet Corp.
Aluminum and zinc products for shot blasting and finishing light metal castings. The new ZA4 cast zinc shot is durable and proven to outlast other cast or cut wire zinc shot by up to 300%. ZA4 has demonstrated improvements in blast cycle times due to a slight increase in hardness. Also, standard-hardness cast zinc shot for more delicate substrates and cast aluminum shot for bright, smooth surfaces. Free sample processing.

TriALco is a primary and secondary aluminum producer and distributor, offering as many as 40 different alloys every month — all to exact customer specifications. An experienced metallurgist is available to assist you; we can meet your needs and help you work through any casting or metallurgical problems. An authorized dealer of KB Alloy.

Unimin offers an extensive mineral portfolio to provide foundries with easier access to more solutions. Engineered size distributions of INCAST silica yield the lowest possible surface area, and the ideal conditions to maximize tensile strength while reducing resin, catalyst and additive consumption and workplace emissions. With a low, uniform rate of thermal expansion, INCAST LE olivine produces castings with close dimensional control and smooth surface finish. VANTAGE® fireclay additives are engineered for green sand systems.

Vista Solutions Inc.
Vista Solutions is a recognized developer/integrator of turnkey automated machine vision inspection and vision-guided robot solutions for metalcasting. With 2D and 3D imaging technologies, our casting solutions are wide ranging in application, and perform quality control/defect inspection, part identification, measuring/gauging, and vision-guided robotic tasks. Vista Solutions will demonstrate its next-generation custom 3D inspection systems and answer questions.