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GIFA 2007 Previews

June 25, 2007
The 11th International Foundry Trade Fair begins June 12 in Dusseldorf, Germany, and FM&T continues to update readers on exhibitors' plans and presentations.

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic designs and manufactures induction heating and melting equipment, and offers laboratory process development, preventative maintenance, equipment repair and parts, coil repair facilities, and installation services.

Can-Eng Furnaces
Can-Eng Furnaces designs/manufactures industrial heat treating equipment, automotive component producers, iron and steel producers, aluminum foundries, and manufacturers worldwide.

DISA Industries A/S
DISA supplies molding equipment and metal surface finishing systems and service to industrial manufacturers, foundries, and metalworking industries worldwide. Leading-edge technology solutions, tailored to specific needs, and ongoing research and development mean that DISA is constantly setting new industry standards.

Foseco's foundry products are designed to improve customers' process capabilities, yields and resource utilization. The conditioning of molten metal, the nature of the mold used, and the design of the way metal flows into the mold are key parameters, determining the quality of a foundry's castings and its operating efficiencies. Foseco provides consumable products and associated services that improve these parameters, often delivering significant economic benefits.

Inductotherm Corp. is the world's largest manufacturer of induction melting systems for the metals industry. Principal products include induction melting furnaces and induction power supplies, charging and preheating systems, automatic pouring systems, and computer control systems. The Inductotherm Group also includes Bricmont Inc., a thermal process engineering company; Electric Melting Services (EMSCO), specializing in induction melting furnace repairs; and HI T.E.Q. Inc., offering a complete line of aluminum processing furnaces.

Keppel Seghers
The DECO fluid bed is the solution for the smooth and safe decoring of aluminum parts. Heat dispersion in the fluid sand bed is perfectly homogeneous, and remaining foundry sand simply remains in the machine. A sand spout will automatically remove any surplus of sand, which can then be recovered for new castings production.

Laempe & Mossner
Laempe & Mossner GmbH offers foundry industry project planning, construction, assembly, and machine manufacturing. The product range comprises: core shooters, gassing systems, sand preparation, automation,peripheral equipment, engineering, and casting cleaning.

Loramendi's Key Core system satisfies the demand of the automotive industry to produce cylinder blocks with thin walls, reduced casting weights, better dimensional accuracy, lower reject rates, and lower machining costs.

Magaldi Industries
Dependable, safe, and environmentally friendly handling of castings and sand is important to ensure high productivity with all foundry equipment. For over 50 years Magaldi has supplied technologies for handling and cooling of sprues, molds, and castings.

Magma GieBereitechnologie Gmbh
Twenty years after the introduction of simulation software for foundries, a new era of simulation capabilities is dawning: Integrating optimization tools into Magmasoft allows optimization of casting designs or processes automatically. The operator defines his optimization goals and can evaluate the best possible solution.

Metso Lindemann
Metso Lindemann GmbH, the metal recycling unit of Metso Minerals, offers the most modern, comprehensive scrap metal recycling solutions available today. Lindemann briquetting presses are the only ones operating with double-sided pressing, facilitating higher briquette density, lower moisture content, excellent transfer stability, and longer tool life.

Morgan Molten Metal Systems
Morgan MMS is known for supplying crucibles that offer indirect heating, low metal loss, and high quality. It also manufactures and services melting and holding furnaces, and a complete line of foundry products and equipment used in temperature measurement, control of chemical composition, molten-metal management, and more.

Saint-Gobain Ceramics
Saint-Gobain has expertise for designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-temperature refractories and specialty refractory products. It also manufactures the Flow-Rite line of ceramic metal filters.

Savelli SpA

Builds equipment for melting (cold-blast and preheated blast cupolas, combustion-gas reclamation and treatment plants, casting systems with cold ladle, drawing, and molten-metal transport); molding (complete automatic molding lines, and single machines); sand technology (single machines, as well as complete sand preparation plants.)

The Schaefer Group
Schaefer's aluminum melting and holding furnaces, and molten aluminum delivery systems, include the interconnect system for safe, molten aluminum transfer; continuous on-line degassing and filtration; continuous low-pressure casting; aluminum furnace linings; and more.

Heinrich Wagner Sinto
Sinto designs, produces and delivers individual molding machines and components for complete lines, up to and including fully automatic turnkey projects.

Wheelabrator Group
Surface preparation covering a range of processes — air blast, wheel blast, peening, wet blast, and vibratory finishing. Wheelabrator Plus programs offer surface prep services, spares, training, maintenance, installation, and modernization and technology updates.

Zircar Ceramics
High-temperature fibrous ceramic materials and related refractory, heating, and insulating products. Zircar's product range includes alumina, alumina-silica and other refractory-oxide fiber materials, heating elements, plus furnace insulation custom assemblies and accessories.