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Cleaning Options for Your Operation

Jan. 21, 2011
New designs for specialty blast cleaning, washing, and shakeout
Guyson Corporation
Viking Blast
General Kinematics

Because cleaning and finishing castings involves various processes and must address various needs, the equipment options are endless. Suppliers update and improve their product lines constantly to suit their customers’ requirements.

Guyson Corporation has engineered and built the Model RB-9, a 7-axis robotic blasting machine that is specially adapted for metallurgical shot peening of the root section of turbine blades. The 48 X 48 X 48-in. process enclosure of the RB-9 is fabricated in 0.25 or 0.5-in steel plate, and lined with bonded rubber sheeting for noise abatement, and to protect it from potential warping by the continuous exposure to high-velocity impact from the peening shot. The electronically operated jib hoist is mounted on the roof of the cabinet to ensure safe, convenient loading and unloading of heavy components.

One of the blasting cabinet walls features a generous opening for installing a 6-axis robot, while the customtailored laminated fabric “skirt” seals the chamber wall and isolates the robotic arm from the shot-blast environment. A powered turntable (reaching up to 42-in. in diameter) is oriented to control the impact of the shot peening on the turbine blade. It’s servomotor-driven, synchronized as the seventh axis of the coordinated robotic motion.

The shot delivery and reclamation system ensures a controlled and repeatable surface finishing process. In addition to cyclone separation of dust or fine particles, vibratory screen classification removes shot larger or smaller than a specified size. The engineered reclaim stack-up has a spiral separator taking non-spherical media out of circulation.

The RB-9 also features shot-supply level sensors and automatic media replenishment capabilities, as well as an automatically recharged 6.5-ft3 capacity pressure vessel fitted with an electronic shot flow monitor and control. This allows operators to view a continuous, calibrated in realtime, shot-flow rate in pounds or kilograms per minute.

Viking Blast & Wash Systems introduced a new and improved CBW 1212 Pass Through wash system, with a heated jet spray washer that incorporates a powered, galvanized 12-in. chain-belt conveyor that runs at speeds ranging from 1 to 10 linear feet per minute.

The CBW 1212 processes parts up to 12-in. high through its heavy-duty 12-gauge cabinet, constructed and fully insulated for energy efficiency and quiet operation. The washer incorporates two wrap-around spray bars for complete 360° part cleaning.

It features full coverage catch-screens beneath the conveyor to prevent incidental parts from falling through to the reservoir. Neoprene curtains protect from overspray and there are also two, 6-in. steam vents. Other options include heated rinse stations, blow off systems, oil skimmers, and closed loop filtration. Viking Blast & Wash also offers customization upon request.

Finally, General Kinematics released a new series of vibratory shakeout/sand attrition mills, known as the VIBRA-CLAIM series. Combining the proven performance of a direct-drive shakeout with GK’s established VIBRA-MILL technology, this allin- one shakeout and reclamation solution uses a solid shakeout deck to remove sand molds from the castings. Once the sand separates from the casting, it is conveyed forward into the attrition section of the machine, allowing the casting to be removed.

Mounted on low-stress steel coil isolation springs, minimizing floor vibration, VIBRA-CLAIM features an open tub design that eliminates maintenance and operational problems inherent in multiple deck units. Lumps are reduced to -20 mesh with original grain-size distribution and corresponding reduction in LOI. With proper addition of new sand, reclaimed material is clean and ready for new mold production without further attrition.

The drive system uses two self-contained motorized drives, creating the vibrating action necessary to shakeout castings and process sand lumps into original grain size. Motors are specially constructed for vibratory service, featuring a dust-tight, totally enclosed design. The drives are easily accessed for service and maintenance.

So, whether you have a specific cleaning need, such as a turbine blade, or are looking for a general service solution for your foundry, there is a supplier working to address your cleaning and finishing needs.